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World War II is raging. The US has suffered an attack at Pearl Harbor, and most of its battleships are lost. The few remaining US carriers are fighting a desperate war against the Japanese surface fleets. But the US has a secret weapon: sleek, silent, deadly... you are a Submarine Commander!

The action is viewed from within the submarine. Watch out for your speed, direction and depth. This game features 9 types of submarines to choose from, 10 types of torpedoes to fire, 14 Japanese surface ships (9 warships, 5 transport), and the entire Pacific Ocean as your battleground. The seven missions all recreate real US navy engagements. Can you sink the Yamato???

This game is a very complex game which goes straight into the heart of World War 2. You start off exactly when the Americans were drawn into the war when Pearl Harbour gets attacked by Japanese fighters. From here on the game commences. Before the game starts you get to choose your preferences, such as what the exact date that you start is, say you want to start with sonar available, you will have to choose a later date than that of which the war starts. As this game is extremely detailed and right down to every last thing, it has the correct dates for when everything was invented for the submarines and when exactly each attack and invasion occurred. You can choose the difficulty level you wish to play at and you may choose whether to do an entire career, a single campaign, or just one battle. The full game would be to pursue the career option, as the other two just give you a taster of what is about to happen. In the Career you have to try and survive throughout the entire of the war and earn as many tonnage points as you can. In order to get tonnage points you have to take on whole fleets of Japanese boats. Some of the things you will be up against are: BBH Battle Ships - the strongest of all the Japanese warships, worth a lot BB Battle Ships - Yet another strong warship, worth a lot CV Aircraft Carriers - Great if you can sink them but they are usually guarded by lots of small patrol craft and destroyers. Usually a few battle ships floating around too Cargo Ships - Worth a lot, and completely defenseless. Usually protected by other craft Oil Freighters - The most common of prey, worth a lot and usually guarded with one or two patrol craft There are also a variety of smaller destroyer ships and PC Patrol Craft. there are many more other boats, far too many to list here. If you successfully kill enough ships in one outing then you get awarded a medal, depending on how much you have killed tells you whether or not you get a bronze, silver, or gold medal. When you are confronted with a fleet of ships. The log tells you what time it is, what distance they can see you out and at what angles, this information is vital for a successful captain. You usually start off about 10000KM away from the target depending on what time it is. Although, if it is night I have before started from distances as short as 500 KM on the service and have had to crash dive without them seeing me still! You can get your periscope out if you are at a depth of 50 KM or less, then you can swivel it around in order to find your target. it makes good sense to target the mounted ships first and leave freighters and things until last. Once you have them locked on you can fire your torpedoes. But they only travel a certain range, and very often can miss. Because the enemy changes course as he approaches you, but if you mange to fire them without them seeing you, then so much the better, it is best to get them to notice you and then run away whilst firing from your stern tubes. You also have a limited amount of torps in each tube, until they get filled, which takes quite a while. You have 6 in the front tube, and 4 in the stern. If the target does not have any weaponry, then you can surface and fire from your deck guns, these fire at a tenth of the impact of a torpedo, but they are more accurate and torpedoes should be saved when possible. This really is a great game, not to be missed by anyone. The best submarine Sim out there and , well what else is there to say except... DOWNLOAD IT!

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