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Tom Clancy SSN offers a real-time 3D rendering engine designed to deliver a cinematic submarine combat game. Fifteen missions include briefings, full-motion news segments, mission briefings, and maps. An included technical reference guide gives detailed information on all submarines, ships, and weapons in the game. Players will take command of a Los Angeles-class nuclear submarine, the USS Cheyenne, and her crew of 133 submariners.

The cold war with China has turned hot in the insanely complicated 3-D submarine combat game Tom Clancy SSN, concocted under the tutelage of the techno-thriller writer. After a prologue delivered by Clancy and some slick background supplied by a faux TV newsbreak, you are placed before the simulated control panel of a nuclear sub (SSN) headed for warfare in the South Pacific. This may be, as Clancy says, the closest you'll ever come to actually commanding an attack sub. But if you haven't taken a Princeton Review course on the instruction manual, you won't know where you are or where you're going. This isn't an intuitive game; it's a commitment.


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