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SimFarm is a complex simulation and a bit more difficult to learn than SimCity. There is a lot more to this game than planting crops and watching them grow. Crops are very difficult to take care of. First a field must be set up. Then you need to buy a water pump, place irrigation ditches next to the field, buy seeds, and buy machinery. You will need a plow, a tractor to pull the plow, a planter to plant the seeds, a harvester, a trailer, a truck, and a sprayer would probably be useful too.

It doesn't end there. You will also need to buy a silo to store the crops in, a couple of sheds to keep your machinery in good condition, and place some dirt roads around the field, also to keep the machinery in good condition. Purchasing everything in the beginning of the game is important because if you don't have the proper machinery the game will automatically lease it from the town which is very expensive.

There are also a lot of variables to take into account when planting crops. Different times of the year affect what should be grown. Floods, pests, and a lack of nutrients in the soil are major problems. Rotating crops is also important in order to keep the soil in good condition. Livestock is more fun to raise but in the beginning of the game you will not be able to make much of a profit. Forgetting to feed the livestock can turn your farm upside down as well. The animals will break through the fences and there is no easy way of trying to control them.

SimFarm will put you as close to running a farm without actually being a farmer. A lot of the game must be spent viewing charts, graphs, and simply sitting back and watching things develop. Going through the tutorial is a big help as you can learn all about the game. Fortunately, the 140-page manual is not as overwhelming as it looks.

Graphics: Fit the game well. Mostly charts and graphs though.

Sound: Not too many different sounds.

Enjoyment: Includes many aspects of actual farming.

Replay Value: Every game is different and there are some scenarios that can be played out.

Take control and manage a virtual farm, buying and selling lifestock and planting and maintaning crops. There is a changing weather system and realistic seasons important to the running of your farm.

This one is a valuable member of the still thriving "Sim" family, and it is fairly obvious at first sight. It features almost the same interface as the one seen in Simcity but with some original ideas and additions. Although it might seem boring at first sight, the gamplay is far more engaging than you could imagine. And trust me, building a successfull farm is not easy :) There are many aspects that you will have to take care of. They include planting fields, buying machinery and crops, harvesting, selling, buying more estate and expanding. But that's not everything! You can also breed all kinds of livestock ranging from pigs, horses, cows, sheep... Each one has its advantages and disadvantages so you should be careful to create a good balance. You should also pay attention to the climate and grow the appropriate crops. The options are limitless. Graphics are fun and functional, and as for the music and sound effects - they are moderate. Also, you probably won't find any more than 256 colors. :) If you like the Sim genre, and you have played similar games before, you will definitely love this one!

The game I'm writing about is SimFarm. It is an older game that came out in the 1990s. I like it because it is fun and challenging. The point of the game is have a farm and try to build up from the start and try to game money. First you choose where in the U.S. you want your farm and it will tell you the amount of rain they get on average and then temperature and the wind or you can create your own region for your farm. You can either raise crops or raise livestock. If you raise crops you depend on the weather for the quality of the crop and you will get more money if it is a good harvest or less if it is a poor one. You also have to buy your machinery for you crops (such as plow, tractor, harvester, truck, trailer, etc.) You also have to fertilize, spray herbicide, pesticide and fungicide on your crops. Along the game if you raise crops there will be disasters that may have an effect on your crops and money made. Disasters such as Locusts, Fire, Wind, floods may occur throughout the game. Livestock you have to keep alive by continuously replacing the food and water. The livestock value goes up the longer you raise them. The value goes up as the weeks go by. Some of the livestock may get sick or might not be as much of a quality of animals as others. The better quality animal the more money you will get. Another part of the game is building up the size of the town. Throughout the game you will be asked if you would like the town to build an airport (for crop duster to dust your crops), or you have the choice of building a residential area, commercial, or a stadium for rodeos. At the end of the year during the game you will have to pay taxes so make sure you don't spend too much that you can't pay taxes. The graphics are just as any other old game for MS-DOS. They are nothing compared to the graphics we have today but they are fairly good graphics. The best strategy for getting a lot of money (my favorite) I think is to get a lot of livestock and put out a lot of food and water (enough to keep them awhile) and then put the game speed to ultra and the weeks go by faster so the value of the livestock goes up with it and you will not have to wait as long until they are at a good price to sell. You may have to put out more food and water as they eat it or drink it.

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This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (2.17 MB).


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