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Stunt Island is a combination flight simulator and movie production simulator. The game is set on an imaginary island that is covered with various movie set locations: jungle, canyon, forest, farmland, castle, skyscrapers, aircraft carrier, etc. The player can fly various aircraft around these locations for sightseeing or thrills. The player can also stage and film stunts at these locations. There are numerous props (trees, vehicles, etc.) which can be placed by the player to be used in filming stunts. The editing system allows music and titles to be added and there are other special effects which can be used in presenting the final film. The resulting films can range from comical to dramtic depending on the player's wishes. There is also a stunt competition in which the player flies a series of pre-scripted stunts. These stunts are filmed and may also be edited into films by the player. The game features over 40 player flyable aircraft in a wide variety of types such as World War I, World War II, modern fighter, commercial and general aviation aircraft.

Stunt Island was marketed as "The Stunt Flying and Filming Simulation". With over 50 aircraft (including the space shuttle) and over 1000 props, you could either fly around the island, make your own films, or fly stunts for money.

Ever got really angry at the police? Whished you could throw eggs at them? This game will let you do just that...and much, much more!

This is a brilliant Disney game that has been way underrated. As the name suggests, it's about an island where stunts are performed. You, of course, are a stuntman; a flying stuntman to be exact.

You get to fly all sorts of planes and even a duck (the one that lays an egg on a police car). But be careful, simply not crashing your plane is not enough. This game is basically a flight simulator, but you get to fly scenes needed for movies, so you must follow the script. If the script says crash, you crash!!!

So you better obey the director, otherwise you're causing the studio to loose precious money! Forget about being free as a bird in your plane high in the sky! You must follow the script and fly your mission as it is planed! After flying, you get to see the scene you were in (you can even edit it yourself)!

I'd give this game a 4 as there are lots of things that could be improved in the set-builder editor!

One of the most unique and underrated simulations ever, Disney's classic game lets you perform wild aerial stunts in planes that range from a biplane to a duck (yes, a duck). You can enter into stunt competition or film your own exploits. The movie-making portion is extremely well-designed-- you have complete control over camera placement, props, etc. Highly recommended.

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