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Looking for a helicopter combat simulation that rocks? Then pick up Comanche Gold, a Novalogic release with amazing graphics, superb sound, and exciting action. It is the perfect mix of flight simulation and combat action in one game. Whether you go solo or play against others online, Comanche Gold will amaze you.

Graphically, Comanche Gold is as good as any other flight simulator available in 1999. Its visual presentation is terrific, and I could not find a single pixel out of place. The 3D graphics are textured and extremely detailed. From the interior of the cockpit to the burned out carcasses of tanks and trucks, the eye candy in Comanche Gold is amazing.

Comanche Gold also makes great use of sound. The packaging boasts of Comanche Gold's Dolby Surround Sound, and it has right to. If you have a decent sound system attached to your Windows machine, then Comanche Gold will blow you away with its realism. Even if your sound system isn't that great, you should still have a good aural experience.

Comanche Gold's soundscape consists of everything you would expect in a helicopter simulation. You will hear the whirr of blades, the hum of the engine, the whoosh of fired missiles, and the loud rumble of enemies exploding. You will also get some radio chatter from flight instructors, ground controllers, and fellow pilots.

The folks at Novalogic really put together a superb product with Comanche Gold. Contemporary helicopter games like Apache Havoc: Enemy Engaged focused far too much on flight simulation, and not enough on combat. This is not the case with Comanche Gold.

Comanche Gold's controls are realistic enough that players will still have to learn quite a bit about helicopters, but they are easy enough that they allow simultaneous flight simulation and weapons control. You do not have to spend an inordinate amount of time trying to control your chopper. You can fly it, and you can fight with it. It's that simple.

Don't get me wrong. Comanche Gold is not an easy game. It is very challenging. It's the kind of game that will take you to the point of frustration but will not take you past it. I strongly recommend that you fly all of the training missions, before you hit the silver and gold missions. The controls do take some time to get used to, and it's better to practice them in controlled situations rather than get shot down while trying to figure them out.

With dozens of missions available in the game, Comanche Gold has a great deal of replay value. Its mission editor makes that value even greater. Taking on other chopper pilots in multiplayer action makes it greater still. If you invest money in Comanche Gold, you will probably not be disappointed.

Overall, Comanche Gold is a terrific combat flight simulator. It is probably the best helicopter game released in 1999. If you are looking for realistic flying coupled with realistic combat, then pick up Comanche Gold. It rocks.

Graphics: The 3D graphics are truly amazing. If realism is what you want, then you want Comanche Gold.

Sound: Comanche Gold features Dolby Surround Sound which enhances its already amazing sound scheme. Again, Comanche Gold strives for realism, and it achieves it.

Enjoyment: Comanche Gold is extremely challenging but not frustrating. Solo action is fun, and multiplayer action is even better.

Replay Value: Comanche Gold offers dozens of missions and unlimited player-created scenarios. You won't get tired of this game quickly.

How to run this game on modern Windows PC?

This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems.


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