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The world's seas have become a vast repository of corporate wealth and lucrative profits from mining as food, minerals and energy sources fuel this underwater tale of the future. The year is 2050 and the battle has been joined for ultimate control of these rich treasures that represent the last great environment open to plunder and exploitation.

As a mercenary submarine pilot hired by a mighty corporation, you are smack dab in the middle of the underwater war. At times you'll be directed to reconnoiter areas for potential hot beds of resources or scout out the competition from your sub. The occasional sunken treasure is also a possibility as is the need for exploration in uncharted waters as you search for anything and everything that can be a boon to your employers.

SubWar 2050 spans four major campaigns, each with multiple missions held together by an in-depth storyline. The need for combat will arise more often than not and survival will require paying close attention to the varied North Pacific training scenarios provided to bring you up to speed. Each of the campaigns takes you to a different underwater environment. Locales include the North Atlantic, Antarctic, the Sea of Japan and the South China Sea.

In addition to the aspect of submarine simulation, SubWar 2050 contains aspects of combat on both strategic and tactical levels as well as elements encountered in flight warfare. The goal of the player in each campaign, as an independent submariner, is the accumulation of hard cash earned for completed missions.

The interface can be either mouse, keyboard or joystick driven with combinations accommodated. In addition to control methods, game options include terrain and object shading, a toggle switch for turning collisions on or off, choice of enemy skill level (high, medium, low) and screen zoom functions. Campaign missions are initiated through a series of screens that feature a pilot roster, mission briefing, orders, mission map, a 3-D briefing, configuration of your submarine and finally weapon and arming selections.

This is another sadly forgotten classic-- similar to its descendant-in-spirit Sub Culture, Subwar 2050 casts you as a young submarine pilot who work for a global conglomerate in the earth's far future. You must contend with both undersea creatures and subs from opposing corporations while taking on missions that range from simple delivery to seek-and-destroy. The graphics is way ahead of its time, and the physics of undersea combat is well-implemented. The expansion disk adds 2 additional campaigns, new terrain, and many more enemies.


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