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As the name suggests, The Cycles simulates International Grand Prix Racing, allowing a player to compete against 9 computer rivals. Choose from three classes of bike (125, 250 and 500cc), and between 8 (Japan, Australia, USA, Spain, Italy, France, England and Sweden) and 15 (Japan, Australia, USA, Spain, Italy, Western Germany, Austria, Yugoslavia, Holland, Belgium, France, England, Sweden, Czechoslovakia and Brazil) original tracks depending on the version, at five difficulty levels (with the lower ones offering automatic gear changes).

The player can enter single races (always including qualifying) or complete in a full season. The action is viewed from the handlebars of your bike, a novelty for motorcycle racing at the time. The game engine is similar to that used by Grand Prix Circuit, but now incorporates hills.

This is pretty much the same as Grand prix circuit, only this time You're a motorcycle driver. Compete in either 125, 250 or 500 ccm and become a world champion.

Made up just like Grandprix Circuit, but this time you're riding a motorcycle - one of 3 different types. You race on 15 different tracks against opponents the computer controls. Pretty much standard so far, but like in its predecessor the easy controls and a gameplay without unnecessary complicated details make this just fun. The tracks are well made - as far as I know they are pretty close to the originals. With your bike you have much more possibilities to win a race with your skill than with a car. In Grandprix Circuit there have only been few chances to overtake the other drivers - this time it's possible almost anywhere, if you're only skilled enough to manoeuvre your vehicle through the open spaces between the other racers. I really enjoyed this one.

Based on Grand Prix Circuit's engine, The Cycles was revolutionary for its time: it was the only motorcycle game at the time with a first-person perspective. Accolade continues its strong point in graphics, as turns are depicted realistically and the animations of other racers are very smooth. Choose from 5 skill levels, then compete in 3 performance classes (500, 250, or 125cc) in the world's most grueling courses that range from Australia to Brazil. Another forgotten classic that reaffirms Accolade as the premier developer of sport games.

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