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Another excellent racing game from Stein Nygård, the talented Danish author behind KartingRace. In NapkinRace, up to four human players can race each other in splitscreen mode, via LAN or TCP/IP. NapkinRace courses are laid out on a piece of napkin (!), so expect no realistic audience stands or city highrises in this one. Instead, expect bumpy terrains and quirky stops, all designed with superb 3D detail. There are two modes in the game: checkpoint race (with needles marking checkpoints) and tag race. Instead of having to race on a predetermined path, your goal is simply to make the checkpoints in checkpoint race, and "tag" the other cars in tag race. Despite the cartoony look, NapkinRace features considerably realistic physics: there are particle effects, real-time shadows, and the ground does feel bumpy when your cars go over them. The game even allows you to make your own courses and design your own cars - check out the official site for add-ons you can download.

If you like unconventional racing games, give NapkinRace a try. It's fun, it's quirky, and it offers yet another great excuse to glue your friends to the screen.


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