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Compete for the title of Accolade Heavyweight Champion with TKO boxing. The game features a unique perspective in which you have a dual, first-person perspective of the action. A split screen lets you see yourself hit as well as get hit. If you want to know your positioning in the ring, an aerial view is available. As the fight rages on and the boxers take punishment, their faces will swell, bruise, and turn black and white.

TKO provides two types of fighting arrangements: One-Player Bouts and Two-Player Bouts. When playing solo, you must box your way to the title by fighting five of eight computer-controlled, unalterable fighters. Choose and create one of four unranked, alterable boxers and go up against four ranked contenders and one champ. To create your fighter, you must adjust incrementally the following settings: stance (left or right), power hand (left or right), best punch (head or body), strength (speed or power) and weakness (fatigue or cuts).

When in the ring, you can throw three types of punches (jabs, hooks and uppercuts) at nine different target areas: nose, left eye, right eye, mouth, left jaw, right jaw, left side of body, right side of body and solar plexus. You don't control your boxer's footwork, but the fighters do move around the ring in response to punches received. In terms of defense, you can set your guard (where you hold your hands when not punching) at five different positions: head, chin, throat, chest and stomach.

Each boxer has an energy bar that depletes itself as you throw punches and take hits. When you are on the defensive, you can regain energy. If your fighter falls, you may be able to coax him back up by pressing the joystick button furiously. Three knockdowns in the same round constitute a TKO (technical knockout). A face with excessive damage can also end a fight in a TKO.

The computer keeps track of statistics such as punches thrown, hits taken, blocked punches, points scored, wins, losses, KOs and more. Each round lasts a simulated three minutes. You can choose to fight 3, 5 or 10 rounds.

In TKO you can play the career of a boxer. Create your boxer by trading off a mixture of attributes, for example a boxer who cuts easily will not tire as easily, and a boxer whose best punch is to the head will not punch to the body as efficiently

The main 1st-person perspective view shows the faces of both you and your opponent, including progressively injured faces as you land punches. A small overhead view helps you see when you or your opponent are close to the ropes.

Watch boxers go head to head and get swollen lips! See them punch the hell out of each other! Be one of them, without ever getting hurt!

Yes TKO is a boxing game in the first person perspective and for both players at the same time. In one part of the screen you see your boxer, through the eyes of the opponent and in the other window you see your opponent, though your eyes.

OK, they seem to be static and don't do much, but then again, this game doesn't really require much boxing skills to play it.

You get to chose the fighter you want to be and then try to knock the hell out of the opponent, until you can grab the title. Much easier said then done.

But you can play/practice in the two-player mode. Just remember, it's all about timing punches and blocking his attacks. There's less glory but more security if winning on points - but off course if you want to, you can go for the knock out!

So feel like bashing somebody's brain in? Well, playing such game will get you in a lot less trouble than if you really went ahead to bust a head or two :)

Arguably the first boxing games for PC to feature a first-person perspective (bouts in most other games were played from a side view), T.K.O. boasts great graphics for its time and realistic depiction of the boxers' conditions (black eyes, fat lips, and swollen cheeks are not uncommon sights). It also has good blow-by-blow stats for each round. The only downside here is the curious omission of a career mode, so long-term play value is very limited.

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This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (1.46 MB).


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