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Having previously recreated the more internationally famed rugby union with World Class Rugby, Audiogenic switched their attention to Rugby League, using the same game engine.

The main differences in the league game is that a team has to give up possession after being tackled six times - which often leads to some bold moves on the 5th tackle, especially as if you retrieve the ball an opposition player, you get a fresh set of six tackles - and that after a tackle, play restarts by flicking the ball back to another player (inexplicably knows as the 'Play-the-Ball'), while the entire teams (of 13 players, not the 15 in Union) remain on their side of the ball. Instead of line-outs, the ball going out of play at the side results in a scrum, as does a knock-on (fumbling attempts to control a pass or recieve a kick) if those are switched on.

The gameplay is viewed from either a Kick Off-style overhead view or a forced-perspective 3D one, with a scanner on screen to show where your team-mates are (this is more important than in football). Passing is pulled off by pressing fire and directing the pass, whereas holding down fire will kick the ball up ahead. Tackling involves aiming at the player, and diving if necessary. Set-piece kicks involve aiming the direction and angle by pressing fire at the right times to stop a crosshair.

Wembley Rugby League is one of the best rugby games ever made. Set in the U.K., the game combines fast arcade action on the field with a plethora of coaching options and relatively realistic league play. With fluid animations of players, intuitive interface, and fun gameplay, both armchair coaches and rugby jocks will have some fun with scrambling, tackling and the like :) If you're a rugby fan, this is a must-have.

There haven't been many rugby games in the scene, but this one is definitely the best of all. Fast paced action combined with some strategy and you might even become a champion. You get to play one of the teams in the English rugby league.

If you are a rugby fan this is the game for you. Make sure you download it immediately!

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