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CART Precision Racing captures all the speed, thrills, and competition of racing a real Indy car. CART Precision Racing, an officially licensed simulation of Championship Auto Racing Teams (CART). Designed and tested by real CART drivers and race engineers, Precision Racing offers car and track models so realistic that now you can train like the pros. So strap in tight for white-knuckle excitement and push the limits of Racing Reality.

Engage in Authentic CART Action:

Race open-wheel cars--modeled to six degrees freedom of movement--for all the excitement of real CART racing. Advanced vehicle and independent tire physics capture the responsive handling of a 900-horsepower Indy car.

Experience True-to-life Driver Views:

Out-the-window views pan realistically as you pivot to look into the apex of each turn. Stunning 3-D graphics give you the most realistic re-creation of every track and racing line. Graphics look even better with an accelerator card supporting Direct3D.

Analyze your Race Performance:

Improve lap times with telemetry software derived from Pi Research, the world leader in race car data analysis. Each car features a photo-realistic cockpit that includes an accurately modeled Pi LCD instrument display.

Hone your Technique at the Racing School:

Learn how to drive at the limit from three-time racing champion Bobby Rahal. View real-world race footage and multimedia demonstration, then use your knowledge to master the 1997 CART tracks.

Push the Limits of Racing Reality:

Ready for racing excitement...

Experience dramatic elevation changes on tracks re-created from GPS-based source data, accurate to within 10 centimeters of the real thing.

Visit the in-depth garage to optimize your car setup, or let the interactive race engineer recommend changes to improve your lap times.

Hear the thunderous sounds of real CART racing, created from digitally sampled Indy cars traveling at speeds of more than 200 mph.

Feel the response of your race car's suspension to every bump on the track with force feedback hardware support.

Engage in furious competition with up to eight drivers over a LAN or the Internet.


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