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Enemies to the left, enemies to the right, enemies behind and in front of you! The chaos is mind boggling and the action never stops. Star Wars: X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter is a space dog fighting game like no other. Fly a multitude of different ships and destroy as many as possible! Although a difficult game, it's so very rewarding when you destroy Imperial flag ships! This is the most accurate representation of the Star Wars movies I've ever played. The music and graphics combined make a killer game!

Few games with dogfights have the sheer amount of action this title possesses. Lasers are much more difficult to evade than guns, after all, and far more deadly. However, you are given a certain number of lives during combat, so being killed isn't the end. When an enemy shoots you down, a screen appears showing your ship exploding and which enemy destroyed you (so you can get revenge). Your ship then appears right outside the fighting area where you first started.

Tired of playing with the same old Rebel Fleet? Switch sides and become an Imperial fighter pilot in a TIE Fighter. Each side has different missions, making it difficult to get bored with the game. Not only can you fight for both sides but, in Melee combat mode, you can fight against anybody and everyone! If you go online, you can battle up to seven players. The options are endless and the game consistently pleases. Whether you're going up against a multitude of TIE Fighters or an Imperial Star Destroyer, the space combat is always fierce.

So many missions exist, it's most difficult to defeat this game in a few sittings. In Battle mode, you basically enact the missions of a full-fledged war scenario with the Rebel and Imperial fleets. If you're an Imperial fighter, you can even go after the Millennium Falcon!

Star Wars: X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter is a very complex and difficult game. In fact, that's one of the only negative points about it. Even if you have played other space combat simulations and beaten them, don't expect this one to be a walk in the park. Conversely, though, the difficulty just adds to the addictive nature of the game. Once you start playing and gradually improve, you want to keep playing in order to win missions and destroy more fighters.

The key is to not just use your weapons of offense but employ defense as well. Your fighter has maneuvering capabilities, countermeasures and beam weapons. And the option to summon some of your friends to help you out shouldn't be forgotten, either! If you're fighting in a single player battle scenario, you can summon your wingmen and they'll automatically come to your assistance. If you're engaged in multi-player action, you can still summon your friends but, of course, they have to accept the invitation to help you out.

In order to play Star Wars: X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter, you must have a joystick installed on your computer. In this regard, I don't understand the reasons for not making the game keyboard compatible. While it's true that it's easier to play with a joystick or game pad, the choice of not providing keyboard capability is a bad one.

The game is very long and requires you to figure out the little eccentricities of combat. The synergy between gameplay and the ambient sounds is very impressive. If you've watched the movies (not many people haven't), now you can be a part of the action. So, decide which side you want to join and get ready for the best space combat simulation of your life!

Graphics: Although certainly not top of the line in the industry, the graphics are great for this game. The various spacecraft visually emulate those seen in the movies as do the lasers.

Sound: Of course, with the John Williams soundtrack, one can't find a much better background to a game. Also, the laser sounds and the voices of your wingmen are fantastic. The music fits gameplay to the extent that music excitement complements the on-screen action as it occurs.

Enjoyment: Although very difficult, the game is a lot of fun to play. Perhaps, due to the difficulty, it makes you want to play more and more to master it. The simulation is very well done and makes you feel like you're a part of the game.

Replay Value: Playing a few times will not satisfy you. The various options, both ships and factions, ensure high replay value.

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