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If you love Star Wars, then you will really enjoy Star Wars: X-Wing Collector's CD-ROM -- about as close as you can get to actually joining the Rebel Alliance.

The game accurately represents the Star Wars universe as you pilot a variety of Rebel starfighters through mission after mission. Each craft replicates the experience of flying against TIE fighters and other Imperial ships in the most realistic of ways. In addition to unique weapons systems and cockpit displays, each ship is better suited for certain operations than the others. If you need speed, for instance, then hop into an A-wing. If the mission calls for disabling an enemy ship or frigate, try a Y-wing on for size. Or if you just need a dependable ship to use while you blast away at TIEs, then the good ol' X-wing probably fits the bill.

The graphics look just like they came out of the Star Wars movies. Between certain missions you will be rewarded with cinematic sequences including speech. The sound effects are also awesome, such as hearing other pilots over your radio as they compliment you on your impressive shooting.

The smooth gameplay responds well to your joystick movements, but you can also expect quite a bit of interaction with your keyboard as you manage some of the more complicated controls. Some of these include shield allocation (focused frontward, backward or evenly), communications ("Cover me, wingman!"), propulsion controls and cockpit views.

This CD-ROM version of X-Wing features many expansion pack missions as well as six new ones previously unavailable. You also have the power to reduce the difficulty of missions, meaning that you might finally now be able to beat that one that only ever managed to frustrate you.

X-Wing Collector's CD-ROM is a very long and challenging game. Plenty of replay value and excitement await you in this great addition to the Star Wars universe.

Graphics: True to the Star Wars universe.

Sound: Great speech and sound effects.

Enjoyment: A great game, twice as much fun if you like Star Wars.

Replay Value: Many missions with good variety.

The enhanced CD-ROM version of Star Wars: X-Wing features 6 new missions, improved 3D graphics, voice, and upgraded sound. In addition, the two Tour of Duty extensions are included: Imperial Pursuit and B-Wing.

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This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems.


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