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The 3rd Millennium is among the first simulation 'god-games' released to capitalize on the hype regarding the end of the twentieth century. As with so many other 'control everything,' megalomaniac strategy simulations, the point of this game is to create your own perfect world and rule over it wisely. What distinguishes this game from similar real-time strategies is its long-term approach. The planning view of the game is five hundred years! Obviously you'd need to invest in some wonder anti-wrinkle cream to be around to appreciate the fruits of your labors.

The 3rd Millennium places you as political leader of a state with the aim of becoming governor, then president of the state. The world has changed and now consists of thirty-one states divided into five countries and you have the option to choose which state you wish to rule, at which point you start constructing cities, levying taxes, and motivating your people right away.

The graphics within the game are good. There are plenty of excellent mini-games within the simulation to challenge the ruler and display the visuals to good effect. As the game was developed by a leading French software house, Cryo Interactive, a large element of European and Gaelic character exists within it and certain characters are not even close to being predictable as a result.

Again, as with most god-game simulations, things don't happen overnight. The game progresses through certain goals but all of the action progresses according to the game clock, which can be slow and frustrating. It can take hours of playing just to finish one month of action with some towns taking years to build. But hey, Rome wasn't built in a day!

Graphics: Solid, well-animated video sequences.

Sound: Broody and atmospheric.

Enjoyment: Laborious, slightly slow, elaborate planning needed

Replay Value: Once you've built the perfect world . . .


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