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Comanche: Maximum Overkill brought us one of the first realistic helicopter combat flight simulations but was a bit short on missions to fly. The developers issued a ten-mission add-on pack that provided additional scenarios but still left fans asking for more. Comanche: Over the Edge corrects the problem of unfulfilled gameplay by not only providing forty new missions but supplying a much needed game program upgrade as well. The enhancements in this add-on title include fully integrated and seamlessly executed new features in the areas of detail, control and game options.

In the area of detail, haze is now apparent on distant scenery and a most welcome addition of reflective surfaces (new missions only) now creates a sense of environment as water reflects clouds, aircraft and landscapes. This upgrade alone creates an increased feeling of reality. The original game supported several joysticks and now the CH Flightstick Pro is completely supported. For those using less than optimum joysticks, it may now be time to upgrade.

The forty new missions can be played in any order as each contains stand-alone objectives and strategies. If campaign mode is desired, the forty missions are seamlessly integrated into four major campaigns. Four new terrain types have been added, such as mesas adjoining a desert river plus hills and fiords. But nothing quite matches the thrill of flying through a blinding snowstorm!

In addition to all the enemies encountered in the original game, Comanche: Over the Edge provides three new opponents including Soviet OSA II Missile Patrol Boats, Russian Lebed Air-Cushion Landing Crafts and the Hughes 500MD chopper. More ground support has been added with the M-1 Abrams battle tank. Game options now feature a Missile Cam which, when engaged, will follow your missiles to the target, more realistic motion for those with rudder pedals (or keyboard coordination) as the rotor and cyclic can now function independently and an altitude stabilizer that brings more control to the user's fingertips. Enemies are now smarter, wind effects play a larger part in the simulation and the designer's attention to small details has a cumulative effect on the reality and enjoyment of the game.

New campaigns include Operations Silver Dove, a "get acquainted" module and Whirlywind, consisting of ten missions requiring a mix of speed and flying ability. The ten-mission module, Over the Edge, contains "hold onto your seat" fast-paced missions that will test your flying and shooting abilities while the Terminal Velocity missions reflect "enter-at-your-own-risk" type missions that only the most experienced pilots will be able to manage.

Seldom has an add-on pack brought so much new and varied features with it as does Comanche: Over the Edge. It's definitely one of those "must have" releases that any veteran of the original package will want in his or her collection. The following category ratings assume the reader has the original Comanche: Maximum Overkill.

Graphics: The added reflections and terrain increase an an already impressive graphics package.

Sound: Realistic and pertinent to the sim.

Enjoyment: Hair raising, teeth grinding, gut wrenching missions are what it's all about.

Replay Value: You'll want to visit these unfriendly skies time and time again.

This is a compilation of the voxel-based simulations of the helicopter RAH-66. It contains the following games:

Comanche: Maximum Overkill (base game)

Comanche: Global Challenge (add-on)

Comanche: Over the Edge (add-on)

In addition, the compilation offers ten bonus missions.

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This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems.


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