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Grab your racing gloves and strap yourself into the driving cage of your favorite NASCAR superstar as you prepare to take on NASCAR Revolution SE, a racing simulation featuring the hottest drivers from the late '90s and six NASCAR legends. NASCAR Revolution SE features 17 three-dimensional tracks, daytime and nighttime racing, official points for the Winston Cup, and motion-captured pit crew animations.

NASCAR Revolution SE features full car setups, allowing players to customize their car's features like tire pressure, weight distribution, suspension, transmission, and wedge. Players can then take these customized cars into races during season mode, multiplayer network games, or single or series competitions.

NASCAR Commentators Bob Jenkins and Benny Parsons call the action in simulated television coverage of each race. Pit crew leaders give advice about the best setups for cars on the included NASCAR 101 CD-ROM.

NASCAR Revolution SE uses 3D acceleration technology to create realistic smoke, sparks, car damage, and lighting. Its sound utilizes Staccato DSP technology for realistic engine noise. Computer drivers feature advanced artificial intelligence and can hook up to draft behind players or other computer cars.

Players can save and reload games of NASCAR Revolution SE for play during different sessions. Players can unlock legendary NASCAR drivers by winning races at Charlotte, Talladega, Bristol, Richmond, Darlington, and Martinsville with lengths of 50 percent or greater of the real-life events.


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