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The smell of popcorn and cotton candy, the clowns juggling, the children screaming with joy as the rides go around -- and you! That's right, you can be the proprietor of your very own amusement park with SimTheme Park from Electronic Arts and Bullfrog. Think SimCity meets Disneyland, but now you can be the boss!

Now that you're in charge, things have to get done in order for the park to open on time. You must first set the paths so visitors are able to easily access your many attractions. Obviously, rides and rollercoasters need to be placed throughout the park and entrances and exits need to be connected to a path. Shops, such as soft drinks and burger stands, need to be strategically placed throughout your park space to lure your visitors. You should also throw in some little extras like security cameras, bathrooms, trash cans and decorative elements.

Wondering about the staff? You can hire merchants, mechanics, guards, janitors and researchers. Merchants will be able to sell goods around the park, such as balloons and toys. Mechanics will fix your rides if they break down. Guards will keep the park safe and out of trouble, while Janitors will keep those bathrooms from looking nasty! Researchers can help upgrade your rides as well as discover new ones.

Once the park opens, it's a whole new can of worms! You'll have to micro-manage almost everything. You might need to put more ice in your drinks, salt on your fries or fat in your burgers to keep the people happy. Rides need good duration and speed to keep the excitement level up. Features like video arcades and games should be added for more revenue.


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