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Originally released under alternate titles Master of the Skies: Red Ace and Hunt for the Red Baron, Red Ace is a simplistic air combat simulation featuring four historic attack planes from World War I. This selection includes the Airco DH2, Sopwith Camel, Bristol Scout, and Spad VIII, each resembling its real-life counterpart and featuring unique controls.

Twenty-five missions contain dog-fighting action with one overall objective: shoot down all enemies. Although most missions are primarily sky-based assaults on enemy aircraft, some require the protection of certain planes or the destruction of ground targets such as bridges, factories, and troops.

Your arsenal includes machine turrets, bombs, and rockets, with stealth and evasive tactics required whenever possible to claim victory in the war-torn skies of 1917. The game features locales in Belgium, Africa, and France, as well as changeable camera views from a cockpit perspective to an external chase cam.


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