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While earlier Maxis games involved developing ant colonies, buildings, or planets, SimLife is directed at creating and sustaining plants and animals. As in previous Maxis titles, SimLife features both a macro and micro approach to its subject matter. Not only will you be challenged to build an ecosystem by adjusting such variables as climate, physics, time, and elevation, but you can also create new species by either splicing genes or mixing three different parts from existing animals or plants. Creatures will evolve and mutate over time, interact with others, and may even become extinct due to environmental changes. Choose from six preset scenarios, a built-in tutorial, and an option to play an "experimental" or freeform game.

A complex game in which you can create your own ecosystems, animals or vegetables, then watch them eat, evolve, mate, or die.

Feel free to create funky animals! How about a giant snail that would have to eat several trees each day to survive - or a small kangaroo that would lay eggs and eat only bugs? You can even edit their DNA code, and make your animals mutate.

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