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The outer reaches of space are occupied by pirates, miners, mercenaries and Kilrathi vermin, all trying to make a quick buck. The only rules on the fringes of the galaxy are your own. Not only is battle an important part in Wing Commander: Privateer but trading in cutthroat circles on the galactic frontier is also a part of gameplay.

You have a strict budget with which to work when customizing your ship but you can modify weapons, armor and ship systems as you desire. Wing Commander: Privateer is a single-player adventure in which you fight, trade and explore for your own survival! Gameplay includes Righteous Fire, an extension of the Wing Commander: Privateer game that adds different ship enhancements with over 24 additional missions. Righteous Fire takes place a year after the end of the initial game so finishing the Privateer missions first is suggested.

The entire universe in Wing Commander: Privateer consists of more than 50 bases and planets in almost 70 systems. The frontier is completely open for exploration but you can only go as far as your money and earnings will take you. Ships cost from 75,000 credits (Orion-Class) to 200,000 for a Centurion-Class fighter. View the action from several different perspectives including chase, missile and theater cameras.

Wing Commander: Privateer offers full, digitized speech for every character encountered in the galaxy. Buy and sell items to gain money so you can customize your ship, destroy enemies and assert your position in the galaxy above all others!

The CD-ROM version of Wing Commander: Privateer is similar to the original but actually features the following products:

Wing Commander: Privateer

Wing Commander: Privateer - Righteous Fire

Digitized speech for every character, a feature which expands on what was available in the Wing Commander: Privateer - Speech Pack

On the fringe of Human space, near the Kilrathi border, the industrial machine is running full-tilt to feed the war effort, and there is a lot of shipping... and a lot of pirates... and Retros (fanatical religious nuts who wants to destroy technology), military, militia, merchants, mercenaries, and privateers. In the darkness, a battle between ships has woken up something ancient... Something powerful... Something... deadly.

You are a privateer. Start with the lowly scout, and upgrade to one of the three other superior ships: Galaxy (superior cargo space), Orion (superior protection), or Centurion (superior offense). Buy optional equipment such as armor, engines, shields, weapons, launchers for torpedoes/missiles, and MUCH MUCH more. Take on missions (multiple sources, from the cheapest mission computer, to fixers who has the toughest but most rewarding missions) and earn money for upgrades. Use spare cargo room to trade commodities to further add to your account. Missions can vary from search and destroy to Fedex (i.e. delivery) to bounty hunting, and more.

Privateer is set in the Wing Commander universe, but is more of a free-form game similar to Elite. While there is a central plot, you can deviate from it somewhat and you can continue playing after you finish the main plot. It also has the infamous talking heads dialog Origin pioneered in Wing Commander, this time with higher resolution and more natural look, and still has the lip-sync.

How to run this game on modern Windows PC?

This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems.


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