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Werewolf vs Comanche is one of the newest titles from Novalogic, the creators of Comanche Maximum Overkill (and its add-ons). This time, in addition to the Comanche, you also fly the Comanche's arch rival, the Werewolf. Unfortunately, Novalogic has done little to improve their Voxel technology used to render low resolution but highly detailed terrain. Because of this, the game is virtually the same with only a few changes from its predecessor.

The flight models used for both the Comanche and Werewolf helicopters are very similar. The manual shows that the Werewolf should climb faster than the Comanche but this is not very noticeable. Both helicopters have the same weapons available, which are accessed through the same keys. This makes for evenly matched head-to-head play, but quickly gets old. They should have given each helicopter well defined strengths and weaknesses. This would force the pilots to adopt different strategies and make head to head flying more fun.

The cockpit graphics for the Comanche are the same as in Comanche Maxium Overkill. However, the Werewolf has a different layout which I prefer. The view is better which helps in shooting lower enemies and helps when maneuvering in narrow canyons.

Multiplayer support seems to be well implemented (I have only played over the modem) and allows both head-to-head and cooperative missions. This is a lot of fun but I really look forward to playing with more than one opponent across on an IPX network. This, quite possibly, may be Werewolf vs Comanche's biggest strength.

The graphics of Werewolf vs Comanche have not improved much since the most recent compact disk release of Comanche Maxium Overkill. The Voxel generated landscape is still as chunky as ever and the vehicles remain unrecognizable at a distance. However, this doesn't mean the game isn't fun. I still enjoy playing this game and hop in for a quick mission every now and then.

Some Werewolf vs Comanche missions will be familiar to owners of its predecessor. For the Comanche, the training missions are basically identical while other missions feel similar. There are some differences, however.

In some missions, you will have to refuel and rearm to be successful. This is a nice touch. You will also get to fly all new missions with the Werewolf. This was my favorite part of the game since I was already very familiar with Comanche Maxium Overkill.

All-in-all, this is still a very fun game to play. Those who want mega detailed simulations may want to steer clear of Werewolf vs Comanche (see Apache review). However, if you like jump-in seat-of-your pants flying, Werewolf vs Comanche may be for you. I know I will continue to play and enjoy Werewolf vs Comanche for some time to come. Now... if Novalogic's next release will only update their Voxel technology, we will be set!

Nova Logic's famous Comanche series is back, and better than ever. When you download Werewolf vs. Comanche, you get two separate CD's, with two separate games -- an updated version of the original Comanche, as well as the new Werewolf. The "new" version of Comanche (2.0) is almost identical to the original, except for improved terrain graphics, and some great new cinema displays after a mission. Werewolf is also very mindful of the original Comanche, however, it has a far different helicopter feel. If you don't have any friends, these are the only additions that will be of any real note. However, for any true gaming fanatic, this game comes storming in with an up to 8 player network link capability!

The network play is smooth, and exhilirating. This is the best multi-player release since the infamous Doom. There is nothing quite as fun as hiding in a river bed waiting to crest the hill with a full weapon load as your unsuspecting friend chases another 'copter.

The sequel to NovaLogic's Comanche is actually two games in one: Werewolf and Comanche 2.0. Both are action-based helicopter sims very similar to the original Comanche. A notable difference is that in some missions you are allowed to land and refill your helicopter with fuel and ammo. The only real difference between the two games is the helicopter you fly: either the RAH-66 Comanche or the Ka-50 Hokum. There's an option to link both games to play over a network.

They use the voxel graphics engine made by NovaLogic in 1993.

Both games were later released on their own in budget versions.

How to run this game on modern Windows PC?

This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems.


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