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Got a hankering to hit the open roads with a massive 18-wheeler filled with important cargo but never got a trucker's license? Rather do it in the virtual world? Hard Truck II features a plethora of environmental settings and 12 big rigs with varying challenges and mechanics; there are over 70 miles in which to explore.

After choosing the desired vehicle, you should search for orders in various towns and bases. A trucker has to feed his family somehow! Once the truck is filled with cargo, you will follow the directions and deliver the goods on time; a sum of money will be transferred to your account upon successful delivery. Be careful -- the open road is often filled with poor drivers and unforseen circumstances that will either damage the goods or have you arriving at the destination late. As a result, penalties and fines will be issued.

With the money earned, you can purchase all kinds of items to enhance the performance of your vehicle including tires and engine tweaks. You'll also have the option of trading the truck in for a better one. Additionally, information pertaining to the road and communication will be displayed on a pager; communication comes in the form of clients, police officers (beware of speed traps and helicopters), other truckers and crime bosses. Along the way, your truck will need refueling and repairs -- you'll need to search for service and gas stations.

While the overall objective behind Hard Truck II is to gather enough funds for a business, hiring truckers and ruling the industry with an iron fist, you'll need to obtain a trucker's license before any of these or the aforementioned events take place. A license is awarded one of two ways: winning a lap-based race in the Circuit mode or being the first driver to successfully deliver goods to a client. Races in the Circuit mode are held often -- check your pager if you'd like to show off your driving skills.

Brought to your computer screen courtesy of ValuSoft, Hard Truck II features various camera angles including the first-person and external viewpoints and requires a 3D acceleration card for graphical enhancements. Additionally, armchair truckers can use a barrage of controllers including joysticks, various racing wheels and racing pedals.


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