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VR Sports Powerboat Racing is a part of the new wave of arcade based racers hitting the PC thanks to advances in 3D hardware. Supporting 3D cards the game runs in 640x400 resolution down to 320x200 with detailed scenery such as oil tankers, canyons, Statue of liberty, Japanese parades, ports etc. Waves are also realistically simulated thanks to detailed reflections, simulated handling upon wave conditions and intense motion effects.

Powerboat Racing also features up to sixteen different speedboats including various Catamarans and Monohulls each with three different motors though you will have to earn the majority of these boats. Modes include Arcade, Championship, Shootout, Time Trial, Challenge, Slalom and Practice to provide a wide range of play options. Players can also view the action from a total of four camera angles including side, cockpit and the exhilarating first-person view. A total of nine immersive courses can also be raced on from such locations as New York, Japan, England, Monaco, Nevada and even Norway.

VR Sports Powerboat Racing also features two styles of multi-player gaming including the four player split screen mode and networking (IPX and LAN) for up to six players. General options include 3D smoothing, correction length, transperecies, reflections, weather, track detail and camera swing.


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