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'Inspired by' the Fifth Element film apparently; though it appears to have drawn more than a little inspiration from just about every arcade racer ever, too, as I quickly discovered upon loading up Kalisto's latest hope. That's not to say that it isn't like the movie, however; as stylistically it's spot on. In fact NY Race fairly oozes the charm of Luc Besson's sci-fi metropolis. The gameplay is purely of the Wipeout genre however, and as you might have already guessed NY Race is not a game you'll be losing sleep over.

It's not bad either, and what it does, it does very well. It just isn't as 'deep and meaningful' as many PC gamers expect. However, for a quick-fix of arcade action, like our console friends enjoy so readily, NY Race fills the void nicely.

Of course, an essential element of any self-respecting arcade game is the dazzling, fast-paced visuals - and it is in this that NY Race excels. Stunning I believe is the phrase, as the lush 3d effects bring Besson's vision of the future to life in some style. It's frenetic too; the act of racing and dodging obstacles occurring at seemingly impossible speeds as racers battle for positions. NY Race

Races take place over the twelve tracks of the city, which encompass numerous visually different locales, keeping the progress through the single-player championship fresh and interesting. Of course, the gameplay remains predictable throughout, but you'll find the initially tricky task of keeping up the pace gets easier as you accustom yourself to the speed of the courses. The tracks aren't bad either; fans of the film will no doubt enjoy it, and they're just about interesting enough to keep you playing to reach the next track. Though the replay value is distinctly lacking.

Those familiar with games like Wipeout will already get the general idea regarding the gameplay; which involves collecting power-ups as you race at high-speed around a number of course, attempting to overtake or slow down the competition using said power-ups. During the race you can choose to dive down towards the ground, when safe to do so, and the use of this allows you to pick up more speed: though the risk of crashing is high. This is how the gameplay remains throughout, and as I've previously alluded, it won't entertain you for any length of time; instead being better to fill a few moments of spare time.

The music is very good too, being of the fast-paced dance variety, which adds to the pace and atmosphere - which comprises the main strength of the game. Which just about sums -up NY Race really; a very engaging image, without the substance to remain so for any length of time. Multiplayer will of course extend the game beyond the life of the single-player championship, but counter-Strike this is note. NY Race

In finale, NY Race is quick, well-design and very pretty. Though it is not exactly mentally challenging, nor will it remaining interesting for very long. Fans of Lyc Besson's vision may well relish the novelty of the landscapes, but there's only so long marveling at the graphics can last.


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