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In this festive and feature-rich business simulation, players may choose from over 40 species and subspecies of animals as they create their ultimate Zoo Empire. The game features two gameplay modes: Sandbox and Career. In Sandbox mode, players will set their own goals for the game. By selecting Career mode, however, players face the challenge of graduating from Rookie Zookeeper to Wildlife Zoo Master, by fulfilling numerous duties that include adopting animals, creating and maintaining the park's landscaping, and building exhibits, and the day-to-day responsibilities of hiring and managing employees.

From elephants to iguanas, and including rare and endangered species, players can select from a wide variety of animals in the beginning of the game, while looking forward to new, un-lockable animals further along, once they've invested enough into research. To house the animals and to please visitors, over 200 buildings, scenery objects, and other facilities are available, all modeled in 3D. Also, players can create a photo album, or capture videos of the animals as they perform dozens of life-like animations. These can be shared online, allowing players show off their zoo wonderland to friends and family.

Developed by Enlight Studios, Zoo Empire is an economic management strategy simulation that involves handling the economic management and development of a zoo, overseeing staff appointments, doing scientific research, coming up with new items for sale in the gift shop and developing animal enclosures and public facilities. Your goal is to design successful zoos that keep your animals, employees and visitors happy. Quite simply, when the animals are happy, the guests are happy, but it does go deeper then that.

The game offers either a standard campaign mode comprising of around 21 or so progressively harder levels (including a tutorial). The missions are relatively simple and initially you are required to fulfill criteria such as adopting a certain number of animals, creating a certain number of animal attractions or hiring a certain amount of staff. There's also a free (sandbox) mode that allows you to make the zoo of your dreams without having to satisfy any pre-conceived objectives. There are no limitations in what you can do. Free Game allows for some initial customization like your beginning cash level, wall color, entrance type and other tweaks.

Zoo Empire allowing you to choose from over 40 species and subspecies of animals including both rare and endangered species, over 150 types of visitors and animals objects, over 200 buildings, items and facilities. There are a dozen different terrain types, each with unique dynamic grass effects allows you to experience the subtle landscape changes as you progress in the game. There are also food booths, gift shops, toilets, bins, signs, first aid stations, security and vending machines, etc. As owner of your zoo, you can adopt animals, landscape and build exhibits, hire and manage employees.

If you have played Zoo Tycoon series, I feel you will be probably a bit disappointed with Zoo Empire. Not only is it quite different but you better study game manual before playing or else you'll miss out one some of the more complex features of the game. There are also glitches with the animal feeding and drinking, but they are fixed by installing the patch.

Overall, Zoo Empire offers a mediocre fun-packed game suitable for kids (+10years) and adults alike, while still managing to keep more advanced players busy in the later scenarios.


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