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SimSafari allows kids aged eight and up to design their own safari park, importing animals and plants to an area and setting up tourist facilities to accommodate paying guests.

Kids can use advisors to help them and there is a "helpful hints" section in the guide that gives advice on what to do if your animal species are dying with no apparent cause, and more.

The park is rated by stars, from one to five. Can you build a five-star rated Safari park? There is also a quiz section that tests kids' knowledge of animals.

Yet another entry in Maxis' popular "Sim..." series, SimSafari is a fun game for kids that let you build your own park and camp area, populating them with animals of your choice. As befits a game designed primarily for kids, SimSafari is very easy. You basically just click on what you want to buy (buildings, animals, plants, cars, and so on) from pop-up menus, then click the location you want to place it. That's all there is to the game, and similar to SimTown this is more of a "toy" than a real game. Since you start the game with far too much money than you'll ever need and everything is very cheap, there is never a danger of running out of money, which is the only way to 'lose' in this game. In the rare case that you are not sure what to do next, you need to just click on the "advice" button to let the game tell you exactly what to do.

On the upside, the graphics are very nice - you can even tell apart the different plant species, and notice little realistic details such as sunshine reflecting off car's roofs. And young kids in your house will probably like building their own safari and seeing the animals run around and interact with the environment (as well as spectators). Recommended only for very young gamers in the house.

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