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The offbeat Wild Wheels is an arcade racing title in which players find themselves behind the wheel of one of a motley collection of vehicles. After choosing from a selection of seven vehicles, players can compete in one of three play variations. The first is a mission-based adventure comprising 28 scenarios where players are presented with a series of objectives to complete that range from saving robots to transporting volatile explosives to chasing down flying saucers. Racers will also need to contend with obstacles such as water cannons, electrocuters, and land mines.

In lieu of this goal-based structure, players can opt to compete on one of nine open courses, with the only objective being to finish the race in as fast a time as possible. Alternatively, multiple players can compete against one other, posting race times that can then be saved and challenged by others. Wild Wheels offers four levels of difficulty, effectively allowing players to tailor the game to their skill level.


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