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Cabela's 4x4 Off-Road Adventure is action-packed, though mildly frustrating, and will likely be a hit with value conscious fans of off-road mud and snow action. If you've ever driven a powerful machine off the beaten path, the simulation will bring back some good memories. The sheer number of vehicles available for use in the different play modes is an asset, and gamers can paint each vehicle in an almost limitless variety of color schemes. The machines can be "souped" up as play advances from stage to stage.

The most notable drawback is the lack of consistency in gameplay. Certain game modes and tracks are incredibly easy, while others are impossibly difficult. Oddly, the game features a backward rewards system for modifying vehicles. For example, complete a snow track and you receive snow tires, not the other way around. Unfortunately, there aren't any more snow tracks in the particular game mode where you might be able to use them.

It's conceivable you can hold on to power-ups for future levels in other game modes, but nearly impossible to confirm since completion of all tracks in a particular mode is extremely hard. Also, once a vehicle has broken down completely, it's removed from gameplay, leaving you with even fewer chances to advance and use earned rewards.

Despite its enjoyable aspects, the game can be frustrating. The desert and riverbed tracks are challenging but not impossible, while the snow-filled tracks are among the most difficult ever put before gamers. The engine and tire sounds created by the vehicles, while lending some credibility to gameplay, are obviously not samples from actual off-road experiences, and the lack of realistic growling, grinding sounds associated with off-road metal beasts is lamentable. These inconsistencies make it difficult to fully endorse Cabela's 4x4 Off-Road Adventure, even if one is an intense fan of the sport.

Cabela's 4x4 Off-Road Adventure has too many inconsistencies to be rated among the top contenders of the genre, but gameplay can be enjoyable if one isn't too particular about details. The variety of vehicles helps counteract the flaws.


Vehicles and track textures are spectacular, but a few bugs crop up, as occasionally parts of vehicles will disappear into rocks or other scenery. All 18 vehicles are magnificently detailed and should please any hardcore 4x4 fan.


The sound is average and doesn't quite portray the excitement of real-life off-road adventures.


Although enjoyable in most areas, some parts of the game are frustrating. Gameplay is hurt by the inconsistencies of difficulty, sound, and backward reward system.

Replay Value

Adept gamers, who figure out track secrets and conquer the most difficult tracks, will want to replay the game if only to unlock the secret level and achieve all possible power-ups. The extremely difficult and nearly impossible snow levels, though, will likely frustrate most gamers.


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