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LEGO Creator could have been so much more than it is. LEGO toys are a lot of fun to play with but that fun is not carried over into LEGO Creator. Unfortunately, the is a rather boring experience. Sure, LEGO Creator provides users with unlimited bricks, the ability to change the color of those bricks, and a large, flat area to work with. Almost every disadvantage a person has when playing with the toys may be erased but plenty of new ones arise.

The interface is the first problem that presents itself. Less than half of the screen is used to view the actual building area. Instead more than half of the screen is covered with various buttons that are used to make selections. Pull down menus would have worked so much better. Another problem is the slow response of the menu selections. Some of the choices will take a few seconds to occur which led me to begin wondering if my click of the mouse had registered or not.

Once you get past the menus and begin building many more problems will become noticeable -- primarily due to the problems mentioned above. Things become difficult to see because the viewable area is so small. The camera does allow you to zoom in but it moves excruciatingly slow and does not always allow the exact angle you are trying to get. Pre-built buildings are mostly small with little detail. It can be a challenge to determine what all of them are as they do not have any labels attached to them.

Mini-figures look just like they do as plastic toys but the way they are created is terrible. When clicking on a mini-figure players can place them into the town and then manipulate their appearance. In order to do this one must click on each part of a mini-figure on the menu screen. For some reason the parts never change on the menu screen, only on the tiny mini-figure on the town screen. This makes it difficult to see all of your selections. Adding sounds is another option but the available sounds are average at best. Most of the sounds are laughs, all of which sound about the same. Considering how your town is likely to feature quite a few people, assigning the mini-figures laughs can become very irritating when the town is put into motion.

Overall the graphics are very weak. The action is viewed on such a small screen that nothing contains much detail. Selectable backgrounds are very bland too. All of them feature a green base with minimal additions. One includes generic blue buildings to make it appear as if a city is in the distance, another is simply green, while another is green with one small hill. Where are the mountains, or deserts, or anything other than green? The town sets in the toy line may be all green but the developers could have strayed a little to add some variety. There is also a feature to change from day to night but this leads to another disappointment. Lights do exist at night but they do not give off light. For example, headlights glow but they do not cast any light onto the roads.

LEGO Creator is not all bad though. It does allow users to build that huge building they may have always wanted to build but never had enough bricks to do it. Another plus is that you can build a large town, something most people probably do not have room to do with the toys. Putting the toys into motion can be cool too, even if all they do is move in circles or straight lines. The concept is great but the result is not. A new interface and more detail would have gone a long way. Also, some more variety could have gone a long way had they chosen to include castle and space sets. After a while the town theme gets tiresome.

Graphics: More variety in the backgrounds and overall detail is needed. Almost everything looks just like the toys but the viewable area is way too small to enjoy what is there.

Sound: No music at all and the mini-figures all sound the same. However, there is an option to add your own sounds so if you choose to do that the sounds can be imroved greatly.

Enjoyment: Building with LEGO bricks is fun but the menu interface needs an overhaul.

Replay Value: The only limit is your imagination so the replay value can be high if you can overlook the poor interface.


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