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With LEGO Creator: Knight's Kingdom, users can design their own medieval kingdom and wage war on the evil knight Cedric the Bull, who is intent on taking King Leo's throne for himself. It's your job as a player to build a considerable fortress to thwart his plans. You have a tremendous repertoire of building objects and skills from which to work, including the ability to build walls, ramparts, turrets, jails, towers, battlements and a wide variety of siege designs that can be produced and put to good use as a deterrent.

At the start of the game, you are transported to medieval times with a video sequence that explains where you are, what you are doing and your objective in the game. Once you pass this element of the game, you can build and explore whatever and however you'd like. In the building process, you can simply use one of the prefabricated objects to construct complete sections of your designs. Otherwise, you need to use individual bricks or other small components to build your castle and virtual world.

One particularly good feature is the ability to rely on the great warrior Richard the Strong to come to your aid whenever the get into trouble or simply need a helping hand. But adults may quickly tire of him. He instructs you on how to do tasks, and while this is a great idea for young players, it is very tiresome for adults. He has a tendency to repeat his instructions every few seconds until you complete the task. It would have been much nicer to have him mention a task a single time and have him repeat his instructions as needed. Additionally, the instructions themselves are very simplistic but would are good for children, who will most likely be playing the game. In fact, the repetition and instructions are very similar to what you would find on most children's television programs.

Once you have built your virtual environment and are comfortable, the next step is to select battalions of the King's heroic knights to do battle with legions of evil Cedric the Bull's forces. Your scene comes to life with images of the battles and destruction of buildings and objects. This could be a concern for very young children, but the violence is cartoonish and shouldn't be a problem for most. Children will undoubtedly enjoy the action sequences and will like having the ability to add creatures such as dragons to these scenes. They can also control many additional variables such as the time of day the battles are taking place and the weather that is occurring in the virtual world. If you'd prefer to take a tour of the world instead of doing battle, you can fly around the kingdom or ride a horse to see what it looks like from the perspective of a small LEGO character.

The 3D graphics are nearly perfect for the genre but come with a price. The program requires 450MB of hard disk space when installed. By 2000 standards, this is not a big problem, but if you have an aging system, you may not have room for this one on your hard drive. The LEGOs look and work very much like you would expect and the commands needed to place objects and control gameplay are excellent.

The ability to play the game over and over is probably its strongest point, as the capability to construct different environments every time they play will keep children coming back. It's a very creative title and offers many fun and intriguing situations for young players who will enjoy the medieval theme and objects of the game. Mild violence may be a deterring factor for very young children but it's probably not a concern for the recommended age group of 6 years and older. Children and parents alike will be pleased with this title.

Graphics: The 3D LEGOs look and work like you would imagine. he fact that they are animated and can do many things that regular LEGOs cannot further add to the enjoyment of the graphics content.

Sound: The voices of the characters are well done as are the four music tracks. There is a great deal of repetition so they can get extremely tiresome.

Enjoyment: A great game for children that allows them to be creative in designing and building their kingdoms. The virtual environments are outstanding and should keep their attention for a considerable length of time.

Replay Value: The ability to construct virtual environments allow this game to be played over and over.


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