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Vette! puts players behind the wheel of one of four Corvettes as they race through the city of San Francisco, which features accurately mapped real world streets and landmarks. The included Corvettes are a 1989 stock model, ZR1 King of the Hill, Callaway Twin Turbo, and the Callaway Sledgehammer. Races take place from one landmark to another allowing players to choose the best route. While competing against the computer controlled European sports cars, drivers will have to avoid pedestrians, traffic jams, and the police. Players can also race against a friend via direct computer link.

Race your corvette against another human or computer player through an accurate reproduction of San Francisco. Choose between store models (stock or ZR1) or a tricked-up 'vette (twin turbo or "sledgehammer").

Use your on-screen map display to choose the best route -- there are multiple ways to reach the finish line careening through the streets of San Francisco. You can also switch between views, including left, right, rearview mirror, with or without dash, helicopter chase cam, or a combination of views.

Vette, short for Corvette is one of the few games to support EGA's 640x200 mode, which it used to display static scenes in fine detail over what EGA's 320x200 mode would allow.

It is a racing game where you need to beat the computer opponent to the finish. Very straight forward!

You can select one of the cars available to you and a difficulty level. There are only three to chose, but they offer either a more or less realistic game. The Rookie level allows you to keep on crashing and you have to drive pretty badly to cause the car to spin, but you really have to be careful when switching to tougher two levels. No more arcade driving style there.

The sounds are very basic, but I suppose it's better then total silence. The graphics on the other hand are somewhat good (considering the date). There are several views (including both side views from the car windows) you can toggle between with F1-F5 keys and you can have a few different screens pop up in the bottom right corner (from the gearbox to the road map). And they have tried to create a 3D effect, which ended up in seeing many boxes on the road, but the 3D graphics were still at their beginnings back in the day.

During the development of this game, the large-scale communist attack on protesting Chinese students in Tian An Men Square occurred. In memory of that event, one of the programmers snuck this string into the program executable:

IN MEMORY OF THOSE WHO WERE MURDERED IN TIAN AN MEN SQUARE ON JUNE 4, 1989. J.P. There is a hidden area in the map: Select course 3 (starting on the Bay Bridge), then turn around and go backwards for a ways (with the wall on your left, the ocean on your right, and traffic coming at you). After you've gone far enough, you will suddenly be in a nicely-detailed area whose streets are named after the developers.

Considering the age of this game Vette is a really nice looking game and it does in fact offer great gameplay as well. Vette could be described as mix between Need For Speed and Carmageddon in the way you drive and control your car (not how you kill people and try to avoid the police :-]).

A slow down utility might be needed as you can turn the car very fast which I doubt when you play it in a normal speed. You can choose between 4 different cars on 3 different levels. Once you have chosen that you get a description and map of the place you are going to race at. Overall a fun driving game which offers some nice gameplay all though it can be hard to find which way the racer is going once in a while.

A highly underrated racing game, Vette! features great graphics, camera angle options, and multiplayer. It was, in fact, one of the first racing games to offer multiplayer racing via modem, which is implemented quite successfully despite inherent lags that were common in older modems.

The goal of the game, as the name suggests, is to race your corvette against another human or computer player through an accurate reproduction of San Francisco, complete with discernible landmarks such as the Golden Gate bridge. You can choose between store models (stock or ZR1), or a tricked-up 'vette (twin turbo or "sledgehammer"). The game includes an excellent on-screen map display from which you can choose the best route -- there are multiple ways to reach the finish line. You can also switch between views, including left, right, rearview mirror, with or without the dashboard, helicopter chase cam, or a combination of these. Definitely one of the most fun street racing games ever made, with enough realism to satisfy die-hard racers and a gentle learning curve and great graphics to keep beginners hooked.

A game featuring the world famous Chevrolet Corvette should be good, right? Sadly, that's not true with this game. What fun, really, is driving the Vette around San Francisco without the real feel for speed?

Vette offers four different types of Corvettes as well as four possible opponent cars for the race around Cisco. But is it really a race? This looks more like a graphical presentation than a real game! And without the feel for speed? Thumbs down.

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This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (1.63 MB).


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