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For newcomers to combat flight simulations, the learning curve in Air Warrior III can be extremely daunting and somewhat confusing at first glance. With literally dozens of possible keyboard and keypad combinations, the process of becoming familiar with all the game and aircraft controls requires a considerable time investment. Above all else, Air Warrior III is designed for multi-player use and online Internet action. In fact, the Kesmai online arena is full of expert and novice virtual pilots, all eager to either help you or blow you out of the skies.

Control of the flight characteristics of the huge hangar full of aircraft varies in complexity and depends a great deal on what you want from the flight simulation. The game supports an astonishing number of control (see Controls section from the description screen) and maneuvering devices, from rudder pedals to flight sticks as well as optional mouse or keyboard input. Including all the missions from Air Warrior II is a nice gesture from the designers and with over 450 total missions available, not even counting campaigns, the variety and sheer number of choices is outstanding. The inclusion of a scenario editor makes the overall package even more enticing for owners.

Air Warrior III makes excellent use of 3Dfx technology, and game play is smooth and intuitive. Even though novices can be flying up, up, and away within minutes of installation by taking advantage of the checkride system developed by the designers, they will eventually need to take time to learn all facets of the simulation. The graphics tend to be a bit on the bland side at times with less flashy and realistic explosions than those found in other major air combat simulations, but the texturing of the planes and the various cockpit panel views are dead-on with accuracy and reflect an enormous amount of commitment and painstakingly detailed research by the designers. Far from being a second-rate simulation, the game's design provides hundreds of hours of entertaining and enjoyable flight opportunities with a very strong set of aircraft to fly and engage in combat.

The online application of the Air Warrior series has been developed and enhanced over the past dozen years or so and is extremely competitive and easy to use (though not necessarily easy to master) as might be expected with that kind of background. With textures and missions available for download via the Internet plus the ability to design your own missions, the game offers endless and diverse play. As a solo game, Air Warrior III may not be the most sophisticated air combat simulation on the market but it certainly provides a great opportunity to get in the cockpit of planes from WWI through the Korean conflict. The realism in the appearance of the aircraft is a strong point as are the various ground units you can use (watch that Jeep though, it's easy to flip!). All things considered, Air Warrior III soars high in providing quality game play in both solo and multi-player modes.

Graphics: 3Dfx-supported game play and highly detailed cockpit simulations go a long way in providing visual enjoyment.

Sound: Not much variety in the various types of explosions by different weaponry and air/ground hits.

Enjoyment: Looked at from a solitaire standpoint, oftentimes the wingmen aspect seems far removed from what you are doing behind the controls of your own aircraft. The largest part of game strength lies in multi-player formats.

Replay Value: Between online play (always fresh and invigorating in this simulation), a scenario builder/editor, and 450 missions plus several campaigns thrown in for good measure, replay value is guaranteed.


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