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As well as recreating off road racing, this game has considerable capability to upgrade your vehicle. There are four choices of vehicle on offer, each of which has its own weight/top-speed/build strength and so on, and thus is suited to different circuits. You can also buy upgrades and repairs, including carrying some spares.

There are four completely different types of course, each taking place on a different surface - Mud, Ice, Desert and Mountains. Each of these is littered with hazards, which can either be painstakingly avoided, or driven through (with the resultant risk of damage).

What 4x4 - Offroad Racing offers you is a challenge for your imagination. Imagine your car is a lean, mean, all-terraining machine, the opponents as ruthless speed-freaks and the landscape diverse, rugged and awe-inspiring. Imagine the buzz from your speaker is actually your monstrous engine roaring... If you're able to manage this, 4x4 is actually a pretty nice game.

You've got to drive your sturdy 4x4 through wild and harsh country, covered with mud, snow or otherwise tough-to-traverse stuff. Apart from your 17 opponents you've also got to avoid hitting to many obstacles lying on the road (such as boxes, tires, skulls etc.). If you don't manage to do this some parts of your car will break down; it could be the gearbox, the radiator, or some mysterious component. If that happens you can either drive on and hope for the best or stop and fix it. Off course the last option will take some time and some of your adversaries might overtake you. So you've got a tactical choice to make: will I try and make it to the next checkpoint (which is a mandatory stop) or do I stop now for repairs.

That's what makes 4x4 more then a simple pound-the-gas racer. You've got to make choices about which tires you put on your car, how many gallons of gas you take along, which engine etc. When you start the race and pick your car you get a chance to stock up on supplies and select adequate material for the race you're planning. If you don't have mud-tires, you're going to get stuck in the mud and loose many seconds. They're pretty heavy though, so you won't reach top speed on them. Choices, choices, choices...

As said, even though the graphics might not dazzle you and the sound may be of poor quality, the game play is pretty decent. Although it will never make my it into my top ten of favourite games, I've had my bit of fun playing 4x4. A 3 it is then!

Technical note: You steer the car with the arrow keys, and use the Insert key to accelerate. This might seem a bit weird, but if you've got NumLock off, the '0'-key from your numerical pad acts as insert as well, so you can drive the whole game with one hand.

This is an oldie, and a great one. In this game you have to ride some offroad challenges. You can choose out of four levels of difficulty and 4 tracks which you have to drive through. The nice part of the game is that the car should be maintained during the race, like fixing tires or put more gas in hte car and stuff like that. Of course these actions will cost time, so you have to drive as good as possible.

Pretty much a standard game. You can upgrade your car, race offroad... Well, it's not bad, but surely nothing new (not even back in 88). You can play this with a Joystick and technically everything's ok (no slowdown-program needed). Graphics aren't that nice to look at, in fact my old C64 would have done better I'd say. Hm, see yourself if you like racing games, it's not one of the worst, you might like it.

4 x 4 Offroad Racing is a fun offroad racing game in which you must avoid obstacles and repair your car in your race for the finish line. The ability to choose accessories for your car, e.g. tires and gas tanks, makes the game highly replayable. The variety of tracks, from the blistering desert of Death Valley to the snow-covered tracks of Michigan, makes up for their limited number. Overall, a fun game with excellent graphics for its time (the animation of toppling-over car is particularly amusing to watch).

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