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Nearly five years after the original Tonka Search & Rescue, this follow up title puts kids in the four to seven year old age bracket in the middle of a dozen rescue missions through four diverse locations featuring water, mountain, fire, and police rescues. In Tonka Search & Rescue 2, players control 13 vehicles ranging from a fire truck, helicopter, and police cruiser to an ATV, jet skis, and construction machines. Each of the four Rescue Stations feature three missions of increasing difficulty, with medals (ranks) such as Mountain Rescue Cadet, Ranger, and Chief awarded for successful completion.

Mission challenges include a variety of feats, including rounding up boats drifting away after a storm surge, saving stranded hikers, repairing docks and bridges, responding to forest fires and bulldozing debris, directing traffic, rescuing baby ducks, and more. Working from a central Dispatch Center, players select either activities or missions and earn printable certificates (usually an image of the rescue vehicle). Between missions, players can wash and equip rescue vehicles, perform test drives, and then prepare Tonka Joe for a mission by selecting the correct outfit and gear.


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