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This PC version of Daytona USA is an almost-perfect conversion to the hit arcade racer of the same name. The graphics are crisp and, much like the rest of the game, represent a perfect conversion from the arcade game. The colors are very bright and the game is nice to look at. The sense of speed in Daytona USA is good. The sound in the game is not bad but not great. The music is easier to hear than it is in the arcade version but, although you may find yourself humming along, it gets boring quickly, much like the rest of the game.

My problem with this release of Daytona USA is that it seemed to be just an easy way to make money through a quick conversion. Yes, it is indeed the same as is found in the arcade, but it was a very different experience for me to play it it without anybody else around and with none of the arcade atmosphere.

Compared to other racing games developed specifically for the PC, Daytona USA pales. In most contemporary racing games there are about nine vehicles from which to chose. In Daytona USA, there are only four, all of which are the same except for a few minor tweaks. Many other racing games also have a variety of tracks with secret passages while this game only has three tracks without any secrets. There is no multiplayer mode and only having the three tracks does not add to the game's replay value. However, if you just want a quick race or wish to brush up on your Daytona USA skills, then this game will do the trick.

Graphics: Looks exactly like the arcade game.

Sound: Perfect port of the arcade version. There is good music to hum, too.

Enjoyment: If you like the arcade version then it is very fun, although there are no multiplayer modes.

Replay Value: With only 3 tracks and no multiplayer options, it gets boring fast.


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