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Enter a magically interactive dreamscape through which you wander and make astonishing discoveries. Or just relax and savor the paintings, poetry and music that ebb and flow at your command. Navigate through a banquet of interwoven images, metaphoric icons, audible symbols, and words. Most software titles merely allow you to open files and manipulate data. This allows you to open your mind and manipulate your perspective. Immerse yourself in art. Like nothing you have ever seen before - and never on a computer screen. It's art. It's entertainment. It's engaging. It's a window into yourself. Based on a handmade book of collage art by New York artist Tennessee Rice Dixon, images dominate the screen. Traditional imagery is transferred into the electronic age with more than 250 QuickTime sequences seamlessly integrated into the background. The story they tell is the human struggle through stages of life: birth, death, confrontation, reunion, romance and progeny. You explore these stages from a masculine or feminine point of view by clicking on a moon or sun. Once you choose a path, you're captivated with wild scenes such as stallions morphing into seahorses that turn in circles against the night sky. A mixture of poetry and sound complete the experience. text, read by a man and a woman, is taken from sources that include the Tibetan Book of the Dead, the Bible and the Bhagavad Gita. It is the sound, however, that empowers you. As you move across hot spots, one area emits classical music, while another activates birds cooing or the sound of a heartbeat against chirping crickets.

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