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Law & Order II: Double or Nothing follows up Legacy Interactive's original adventure game with a new mystery to solve and a few extra features designed to help those who found the first title frustrating. For the first half of the game, players are once again cast in the role of a New York City police detective partnered with the sardonic Lennie Briscoe, played by Jerry Orbach on the hit NBC television series and featuring both his likeness and actual voice. As in the original, players must thoroughly investigate various crime scenes, obtaining the leads needed to visit new locales and to bring in potential suspects for questioning.

The second half of the game, mirroring that of the television show, has players questioning witnesses in the role of an Executive District Attorney, with ADA Serena Southerlyn serving as co-counsel. New features in this installment are the ability to ask for hints during the case as well as replay interview segments without having to end the game and queue up a saved file. Those who had difficulty hearing or following the dialogue from the first game will now be able to listen to the voice acting with optional subtitles. Yet the biggest addition to the series is one of subtraction: timed sequences are no longer part of the investigation process, allowing players to work on the case at their own pace.


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