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Bram Stoker's Dracula continues to live on, this time in the graphic adventure game Dracula: Origin. Players take on the role of famed vampire hunter Professor Abraham Van Helsing as he unearths the story behind the most notorious vampire in history. It seems that Count Dracula was once a man of faith, but when the woman he loved chose another man, and then chose to kill herself rather than be with Dracula, he made a pact with the Devil that resulted in his unquenchable bloodlust.

Time wears on and eventually Dracula learns about the existence of a mysterious manuscript that reveals how to bring the dead back to life. As Van Helsing, players must travel around the globe to prevent Dracula from finding the secret manuscript and reviving his lost love. The hunt for Dracula will take gamers to London, Egypt, Vienna, and of course, Transylvania. Along the way players must unearth clues, find more than 150 vampire items like stakes, crucifixes, and garlic, and interact with over 40 different characters.


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