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CSI: Deadly Intent puts players in the role of a Las Vegas crime scene investigator, alongside series regulars such as Ray Langston and Riley Adams. A point-and-click interface makes exploration and interaction straightforward, allowing gamers to focus on using intuition and deductive reasoning to solve the mysteries. As in earlier games based on the long-running television crime drama, the fifth full-fledged interactive adventure has players proceeding through a sometimes-gruesome story by interviewing witnesses and suspects, searching for clues, and analyzing evidence back at the lab, with the help of the CSI team. The game features five deadly cases in all, presented in a direct, unflinching, "M"-rated manner. In Deadly Intent, based on the ninth season of the TV show, players must focus on teamwork with other agents. The game presents dialog-tree dilemmas and uncertain social situations with suspects, challenging the player's character to remain sensitive to interpersonal hints and unspoken cues, in order to earn the trust and respect of peers and co-workers.


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