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Alice in Wonderland is a text adventure based on Lewis Carroll's book Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. There are 16 objects in the game which you may be able to interact with. Each object has a weight and you can carry a different amount of items based on your size in the game. As Alice, you must explore Wonderland to find her lost pet cat and make it home alive.

There are ten creatures which you can interact with and they act similar to how they do in the original story. The gameplay is similar to other text adventures where you go around from area to area and interact with whatever you find. The included documentation tells you what commands there are, or you can attempt to figure those commands out yourself.

Alice starts out on the bank of a river listening to her older sister read, drone on, from the book she is holding. A book without pictures or conversations, Alice muses. What kind of book is that? Dinah wanders off, out of boredom, and so does Alice. Alice, being a very curious child, runs into many distracting and sometimes yummy things while looking for her cat. After finding some brownies and taking a nap, she spots a curious white rabbit and follows it until she finds herself tumbling down its hole. Her dress parachutes up and she glides down to the bottom with only a thump. Brushing off her dress and looking around, she spots a glass table, on top of which are a small key and a little bottle, which is labeled 'drink me.' This is where the real adventure begins as things grow "ever more curious."

Alice in Wonderland is a clever game and a grand adventure for fans of Lewis Carroll's great book. If you have also read the book, the storyline will seem very familiar and the gameplay will be easier to follow. I would venture to say that those who never read the story will still find the game enjoyable, but a bit more difficult. If you enjoy text games and the story of Alice's adventures in Wonderland you would agree with my rating of 4.

The AI follows commands such as East, Take, Put in pocket, and Eat. A good memory and/or a piece of paper to draw a map on also help. Just remember to have fun and watch what you eat!

Well, this surely is a solid Text-Adventure, but still I would only recommend this to either fans of the genre or the book of the same name. Overall it looks like it is more targeting the younger gamers. The parser isn't bad but not specifically strong. You can't compare the game to the great Infocom-classics, still worth a try. Oh, you need a word about the story? Just think of Alice in Wonderland and you get the general idea. It's a lazy sunny afternoon - just about the right time for an adventure...

This game is meant to be played as an accompaniment to reading the novel, to make a great literary classic more interesting. Reading the novel and playing the game as a supplement can be extremely engaging for adults and teenage children.

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