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You take the role of Killian, in his search for the Lost Kingdom of Armaeth, fabled to hold many treasures.

Similar to the King's Quest games, it is created in a classic point and click style.

Travel to various locations, talking to other people along the way. Various puzzles and challenges await you.

As a fan of Point and Click adventure games I really had high expectations about Armaeth: The Lost Kingdom. These were mostly based on the screenshots I'd seen on other sites and the King's Quest/Kyrandia type of setting. Having enjoyed both series a lot I got ready for a healthy dose of adventuring. The title screen looked promising: nice colors and an enjoyable tune in the background. The story unfolds, concerning a young lad on a quest of finding a lost kingdom named Armaeth (obviously) Supposedly the dwarves founded it back in the day, but somewhere in history it got lost... Anyway, a good place to look for treasure! All pretty straight forward though rather cliché.

The graphics are done with a very good eye for detail and animation. The sound is all right I guess although the background-tunes tend to get a little boring after a while. The interface, however, is a complete mess. There's a gazillion buttons on top of the screen with obscure icons that could mean anything... Then, there's also the parser, which you can use (should use, perhaps?) that will let you enter commands by typing them as well. I found this easier, since I really couldn't figure out the meaning of all the buttons... Saving and loading games is a nightmare, since you have to remember all the details about the save game yourself. There's no file-browser option or anything.

The game play is what you would expect from an adventure, but I didn't get very far into the game, because I totally got stuck and couldn't figure out what to do anymore. I even resorted to - I really hate to admit this - the walkthrough but alas, this got me no further. Maybe I'm a bad puzzler or I just didn't get it, but if suffices to say that I did not find Armaeth... Weighing all pros and cons I really want to give this game a 2.5 or something like that, since it's not all bad, but certainly not all good. In order to give other a chance to solve the quest -and help me out in the process- I'm going to set the mark to 3. A mediocre, yet not all too shabby adventure game.

This is one of the smaller but very fun adventure games to play. Looks a bit like the Sierra Classic (e.g. King's Quest).

You walk around very well made colourful sceneries in search of Armaeth, the lost kingdom.

Armaethis a fun budget adventure game in the style of Sierra's venerable King's Quest that delivers far more gameplay than many full-priced games, although at times the "similarity" is so great that you might feel as if you're playing King's Quest 3 all over again . Overcome various obstacles in your quest to find the lost kingdom of Armaeth. Despite the clumsy interface that has many more icons than necessary at any one time, Armaeth's easy puzzles and charming atmosphere makes it ideal for novices and veterans looking for a fun diversion from longer games.

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