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I remember this game back from the days of good old C64's - you know, the eighties, where there were tons of girls in wet T-shirts advertising beer and fast cars. I played it a lot, but without the manual I just didn't get the point. That's why I got (and supplied) the walkthrough together with the game. I didn't write it myself though - too lazy.

B.A.T. is a mix between an RPG and an adventure. It puts you in a futuristic world where you, as a secret agent, have to stop Vrangor from carrying out his evil plot. To move, just move your mouse until it changes into an arrow. Then move in that direction; it's easy. The interface is just as easy to use. The cursor will change when you move across something you can interact with.

After getting your orders, you will need some weapons. Just go and buy or steal some (buying is better, it's legal). Don't forget, your time is limited, so you must act quickly and find Vrangor as soon as possible. In order to do so, you should interrogate and bribe different people you meet. But Vrangor will send his troops after you, so be prepared for occasional street shootouts!

That's about it! For anything else, refer to the walkthrough!

Part of the Quest and Glory compilation

You're a secret agent in a galaxy far far away. Selenia to be precise. You are after Vranger a scientist who is planning to destroy the beautiful planet. Selenia that is...

One of the best cult classic games ever made, B.A.T. is a fun cyberpunk romp through the underworld of crime and corruption. As agent for B.A.T., an ultrasecret organization serving the Confederation of the Galaxies in the 22nd century, you will be assigned various missions covering a wide range of spy activities and planets. The game sport many original concepts such as the ability to program the B.O.B. (organic computer implanted on your arm), and RPG-style character development based on various stats. Unfortunately, the tedious interface and obscure plot mar the games' strong points. Still, it's a refreshingly innovative game that's vastly underrated.

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