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For killing four palace guards, the king has banished you to the caverns of Demon's Forge. Now you must fight to stay alive and to find the exit with your life! No prisoner has ever found the exit or exited Demon's Forge! Being the greatest gladiator to ever serve the king, you may just have a chance to escape. Maybe.

You play some gladiator who has been send to the caverns of Demon's Forge because you killed several guards of the King's palace. No one ever has escaped the caverns. Will you succeed? Very nice CGA graphics will guide you trough.

The first adventure game Mastertronic released is one of the most difficult adventures ever, with its extremely unforgiving puzzles and frequent deaths. For killing the king's guards, you have been sentenced to the Demon's Forge, a deadly maze you must get out to earn your freedom form the king. Puzzles are logical, but as I said they are very difficult, so be warned.

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