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You are Hugo and you have to save your girlfriend, who had went to babysit a baby in a haunted house. Gameplay is similar to traditional Sierra-style adventures.

You play the role as Hugo as you set foot in the Haunted House to rescure Penelope. A typing game, eg. Open door, get key etc, but features great pictures and animations. Over some puzzles and the monsters to find Penelope. Not as easy as it sounds.

Hugo`s House Of Horrors is one of those games where you need to write the actions you want your hero to do, as for example in: Police Quest 1, or Space Quest: The Lost Pages! Hugo`s House Of Horroros, isn`t hard but is very enjoyable!

The story: You are Hugo, that nice, fun-loving guy with the purple pants and the neat crew cut. Your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to find your sweetheart Penelope who has mysteriously disappeared. Penelope was last seen going to a baby-sitting job at that creepy old "haunted" house that all the townsfolk are always talking about.

I guess the moral of the story here is that if you're going baby-sitting at a house that looks haunted... well, it probably is! Anyway, you arrive at the House of Horrors just in time to see the door mysteriously closing shut as you walk near. This normally wouldn't be important, and well, it still isn't very important at all. Will Hugo be able to survive the horrors of the ghouls and ghosts that are waiting for him inside? Or will he be beaten to a bloody pulp by an angry waiter? You decide!

I think I`ve already said enough about Hugo`s House Of Horrors. It`s great!

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