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Aquatania has recently become the land of misfortunes, due to a group of plotting witches. The task of finding five charms and a magic bracelet to put things right falls on you.

And you need a change of luck, because events in this game often emphasise the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. You get hit by a car, fall a great height, sprayed with cheese sandwich and more! Being the guinea pig in this strange world will drive you insane - if this jinxed land doesn't do it first.

Jinxter is an interactive fiction with graphics title that takes a realistic world of people and situations, and then plays with the boundaries to create a strange and puzzling world. Characters are all getting on with their own tasks, and getting them to help you is usually a case of making sure something's in it for them.

Dialogue aims to add a comic touch to proceedings. Puzzles can often be solved in multiple ways, but the most obvious way is not always the correct one. Due to the presence of a Guardian, you can't actually die.

From the moment you stepped off the bus, and immediately got ran over by it, you knew that today just wasn't going to be your day.

In a place called Aquitania, the good sorcerer Turani, who created a magic bracelet that held their powers in check, stopped the rising power of the witches centuries ago. The dark powers were powerless against the bracelet and the land lived in relative peace.

Janedor the Witch, however, had plans of her own, and through the unknowing help of others, she has taken this bracelet and hidden its pieces throughout the land. Unless these pieces are found and the bracelet is restored, the powers of the witches will continue to grow and Aquitania's luck will slowly die.

Now it is up to you to find the pieces of the bracelet and stop Janedor from destroying all of Aquitania. Easier said than done. Jinxter is a parser-based work of Interactive fiction, with a quirky sense of humor and a level of depth that is uncommon in many games of its genre. Items, whether they are helpful or decoys, are given a healthy description and a taste of the game's unique sense of humor.

While Jinxter has some very artistic graphics, they are merely for atmosphere and do not really give hints or interact with the player. The descriptions of the rooms and locations that you find when you explore Aquitania are very detailed though, and take center stage while the graphics set the mood and atmosphere. The music and sound effects are non-existent in Jinxter, and are not really noticed.

Jinxter is an excellent work of Interactive fiction, though it isn't for everyone. It is text parser based, and there is no mouse interaction at all, except for selection of saving and restoring games, and graphic and text controls. While the parser is one of Jinxter's finest features, it is also can make things more difficult at times, as the game requires you to be specific in matters. Such as instead of typing "look door", you should write "Look at the door," and "Look under the door" in order to achieve the wanted result.

The puzzles can be challenging and sometimes offer several solutions. Unlike many adventure and Interactive fiction titles, in Jinxter you do not have to worry about randomly dying, since your Guardian will save you from serious harm. This is good news for those that are frustrated by having to restore games constantly. Do not let this fact lull you into a sense of false security though, as Jinxter will give new and experienced players alike a challenge as you try to find the pieces and put an end to Janedor's evil ambitions.

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