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Martian Memorandum is the second Tex Murphy game and ranks up there in terms of quality with the other games in this excellent series.

The graphics and sound are all excellent for the time of the game's release, and contribute towards an immersive game experience.

What sets the Tex Murphy games apart from many other adventure games is the quality of the puzzles and the plot. Martian Memorandum is blessed with an intriguing storyline, one that will appeal to fans of both the science fiction and detective genres.

There are many funny moments and lines in the game. Tex Murphy is one of the most endearing characters to appear in a computer game and his antics don't often fail to earn a laugh.

The conversation system in the game can be a bit annoying at times when you have to repeat the different options to get the information you need. The possible conversation subjects that you have become aware of are listed in the topic and it is easy to interrogate characters and reduces the need for taking notes. This is a vast improvement on the previous Tex Murphy game, Mean Streets.

Some of the actors ham it up when doing they're voice-overs, but overall, the quality of this part of the game is far better than most similar games.

The interface is simple to use and adequately serviceable - it doesn't interfere with gameplay at all.

The ending sequence is somewhat of a disappointment - it feels tacked on, but apart from that it is hard to find faults in this enjoyable game.

Graphics: The digitized images of actors are very effective, and their are some nice background images.

Sound: Plenty of excellent voice-overs for its time.

Enjoyment: A very fun game to play. Involving storyline and plenty of humor

Replay Value: Once you finish the game, there's no real reason to play it again

Martian Memorandum is the sequel to Mean Streets. Six years have found Tex broke, down on his luck, and seriously in need of a new case. He gets a call from Marshall Alexander, a business tycoon who owns most of the industry on Mars. It seems his daughter Alexis has run away from home, and taken "something else" with her. Marshall won't say what that "something else" is, but he is willing to pay handsomely to get it, and his daughter, back.

Martian Memorandum is a lovely point and click adventure game made by Access Software in 1991. It is the 2nd Tex Murphy game, and is based in a bleak future in San Francisco in 2039. If you want a good, well-written detective game, then look no further.

Tex Murphy (your character) is a loveable private investigator who is down on his luck. You are contacted by a rich tycoon named Marshall Alexander who tells you his daughter has been kidnapped, along with 'something else' that must remain a secret. You do not yet know what the 'something else' is, but you are hired to find it and Marshall's daughter. Of course, Tex being Tex, nothing is that simple.

You start off in your office. You need to travel to Terraform, talk to Marshall Alexander, and find clues as to what to do next. Just remember - the comlink is your friend (if you can find it). You have to go from place to place, talking to people and getting more information. Make sure you pick up everything you can, as you never know when it might be useful. You will find yourself running backwards and forwards between various places trying to get more clues, and desperate to solve the whole mystery.

There are options along the bottom of the screen (look, open, move, get etc) that you click on to do varies actions. When you talk to people, you get a choice of what to say (Response 1, Response 2 etc), or you can offer items from your inventory, or ask about things. However, it is easy to get 'trapped' in this game. If you choose the wrong dialogue when talking to some one, that person may not give you any more information and you cannot progress in the game. It is also possible to die in this game, so I highly recommend saving frequently using different save-game names. When you want to walk anywhere, make sure none of the options at the bottom are highlighted.

If you get stuck, click on 'HELP'. You are given clues on items in the room, what you can do in that room.

The graphics are a nice mixture of drawn backgrounds and real actors, which works really well. When a character is talking, you see a nice animated close up of that person. This adds greatly to the whole appeal of the game.

There is lovely music and sound effects in this game. You can hear Tex's footsteps as he walks around, and you can hear things like the dog barking, thunder and other simple sound effects. Not so good by today's standards, but it seems just right for this game There is also some speech in this game. When you are talking to some one, you actually hear the characters talking to you.

The game is quite hard, and it is easy to find yourself running in circles when you choose the wrong dialogue, but that is just a minor complaint. As long as you save often, you can't go far wrong. The graphics are lovely and the speech is a nice touch. This is a lovely game that every adventure fan (and every Tex fan) will LOVE. I highly recommend it.

I give this game 4 out of 5.

Remember to save your game often, and use different names to save your game. If you want to quit the game, press Crtl Q. If you want to skip the duct-maze in the casino, press Insert O, then click the left arrow.

How to run this game on modern Windows PC?

This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (39.0 MB).
This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (7.73 MB).


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