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Yet another game coming from the fruitful AGS community. Lately a lot of good games have appeared from this engine-- and this old game is no exception to that. Permanent Daylight is a lighthearted adventure which will please almost every adventure gamer out there.

The plot then. The game takes place on a distant snow-filled planet. Apart from it being snow-filled and a tad silly, there aren't many differences with earth. In fact, I suspect the only reason that it takes place on this planet is because snow is so darn easy to draw.

The story isn't very original. It's yet again a mad scientist trying to take over the world. And yes, you are the only person who can stop him. (The rest of the people in the game just arent interested). But the game doesn't suffer from this. It doesn't take the plot very seriously itself. The evil scientist in the game for instance is named 'Dr really really evil Ed' (in a not-so-subtle reference to LucasArts' classic Day of The Tentacle). The game is basically all about puzzles and humor. And it does a good job in both departments.

The puzzles are of a very logical variety. They're your basic inventory-based puzzles. Most of them shouldn't give you a hard time... but there are two occasions in which the game is a bit unpolished. It took me a while to discover a certain location in the game, simply because it wasn't hinted at and wasn't very clearly indicated. And one where you'll have to do a bit of a pixel-hunting affair. These are minor problems and should not keep you from playing this game in any way. They add some charm to the game, and some negative points to my review. Have to have some, eh.

The dialogue in the game is well done. There isn't as much dialogue as in a professional adventure. And the quality isn't as high as some of the LucasArts games. But the dialogue that is in the game is overall very original and funny. The graphics are also extremely well done. Especially if you take into consideration that this game is basically a one-man job. The screens never look empty, and a lot of detail has gone into them. These are certainly the best graphics I've ever seen in an amateur adventure game. They even top certain commercial products.

The music fits well with the locations you play in, and doesn't disturb you while playing. It's not original (as in written by the author of the game), and it's nothing fancy either. They are just some MIDI files.

The game itself is rather short. You won't play this one for a very long time, but you will be sorry to see it end. The only thing I can say to conclude this review is that this is certainly one of the best freeware adventure games I've ever played.

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