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Suspect is Infocom's third murder mystery. Police Sgt. Duffy, from Deadline and Witness, is back, but this time he thinks you are the killer. You're a newspaper reporter invited by your rich friend Veronica Ashcroft to a costume ball. You arrived dressed as a cowboy, but your lasso is found around the neck of Veronica's corpse. Tip-toeing around the mansion, you must crack the case before the night is over. The game world is small but well detailed, and the characters -- a Senator, a businessman, and other high-society types -- seem more human than ever this time around. You'll have to play many times to win, since much of the event-driven game hinges on being at the right place at the right time to see the right clue.

You are a suspected murderer and time is running out because the police are ready to throw the books at you. If you ever want to return to your normal life of being a reporter you better prove your innocence. However, the real murderer probably watching your every move -- so be carefull.

Difficulty Level: Advanced

Infocom's third murder mystery game no longer puts you in the shoes of a police detective, but a nosy reporter who has been framed with the murder of Veronica Ashcroft, a famous superstar who has been murdered at her own halloween party. Similar to Deadline, you have only 12 hours to find the real killer.

Compared to the first two mystery games, Deadline and The Witness, Suspect stacks up well against both of them, thanks to the complex storyline and many interesting characters. Similar to Deadline, you can replay the game many times and never reach the "optimal ending." Suspect suffers from one problem that plagues Deadline: you need to witness a few critical events at the right time and place, but some of these events seem to appear quite randomly, or without sufficient clues. Fortunately, the intriguing plot and solid writing helps replaying Suspect less of a chore than it would otherwise be. If you like murder mystery games, Suspect still ranks as one of the very best. In terms of difficulty level, I would put it one notch above The Witness but not as hard as Deadline.

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