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Zork III: The Dungeon Master is the final game in Infocom's Zork text adventure game trilogy. Part of Infocom's attempt to convert their original PDP-10 mainframe Zork game into commercial products, this game includes puzzles and locations from Zork that could not be included in Zork I or Zork II due to computer memory limitations.

Zork III improves on its predecessors in several ways. The game's prose is more verbose than in the previous Zork games, resulting in a game world brought more vividly to life. The game's inclusion of a plot gives you motivation for your adventure beyond simply looting everything in sight. Finally, more non-player characters have been included to make the game world feel more alive.

The game continues your adventures from the end of Zork II. You've looted the Great Underground Empire, and you've beaten the Wizard of Frobozz at his own game. Now you stand at the bottom of a seemingly endless staircase. You've been given a challenge by the Dungeon Master: "Seek me when you feel yourself worthy!"

Zork III's puzzles contain a varied mix of mechanical, inventory, and non-player character based problems. Most of them are well designed and logical, though a few require you to die several times in order to get the clues necessary to solve them. The game does have a flaw in the form of a certain randomized event near the beginning of the game that can put the game into an un-winnable state. If you're caught by this event you won't know you're in an un-winnable state until nearly the end of the game, forcing you to start completely over (hint: cross the aqueduct before the earthquake hits). Despite this flaw, Zork III: The Dungeon Master is still a thoroughly enjoyable text adventure puzzle in its own right, and serves as the worthy conclusion to the Zork trilogy.

In the third game of the famous adventure game series Zork, you are once again a nameless adventurer, only this time you won't travel through a beautiful magical land, but are immediately cast into a deep dungeon. Like in a dream, you hear a mysterious voice telling you that you have passed all the tests but one. When conscience returns to you, you find yourself on the endless spiral of stairs, with only your trusty lantern near you... will you be able to survive the horrors of the Dungeon?

Like its predecessors, "Zork III: The Dungeon Master" is a text adventure game. You read descriptions of rooms and then interact with the game by typing commands. As all early Zork games, it is very easy to get stuck in the game, so you'll have to reload several times in order to find the correct way.

Zork 3 continues on directly from where Zork 2 left off. You find yourself in a heap at the bottom of some stairs where you recieve a vision of an old man who tells you to seek him out. See it's back in to underground empire to find the man, and learn your fate.

Zork 3 differs from the first 2 games in that it has something of an underlining story, apart from that it is very familiar. Once again the game is parser driven/text only and once again it suffers from the same annoying flaws. A decent enough game, and a worthy addition to the series (if you've played the first two then you know you are going to get this - so go for it).

Third chapter..and we start seeing some changes in the structure.. The gameworld is more reality-like(the dungeon seems to have been made with a bit more logic), with NPCs which will "wander" through locations..this time we have a "story" too and not only an excuse to wander collecting treasures...

The parser is more flexible than ever, commands will come to us almost naturally, to full advantage of the atmosphere..this means this game's a masterpiece? No..there ARE faults..particularly one which compromise the whole game: we could procede trough the 80% of the game, only to discover, one step from glory, that we can't go on because of something we did at the beginning of the game...plus, we don't have the slightest clues about what we may have done wrong..or what to do to compensate..you can imagine the consequences of this...

Overall, this game is more than enjoyable, and represent a more difficult challenge than the first two..but keep in mind its faults.

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This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (1.47 MB).


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