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In the year 1179, on a small island off the coast of Wales, Baron Michel de Lustie interrupts the king's game of ha'penny with his daughter, asking for her hand in marriage. The king is annoyed with the interruption and sends him off, but the baron kidnaps the princess and holds her for a 50-pence ransom.

The best knight in England is too busy on a vacation to rescue her, so he sends you, Lord Avalot d'Argent, instead. It's up to you to go get the princess back, solving puzzles and meeting various characters on the way.

Lord Avalot is a humorous text-based adventure game. The gameplay is a lot like the old Sierra adventures (King's Quest, Space Quest, etc.), where you move Lord Avalot around the environment and type in commands to do things. You're given a mouse-driven menu to use, too.

We write the year of our Lord 1179, at an island off the coast of Lleyn Peninsula, Gwynedd, Wales. It's the island Ynys Enlli, better known as Bardsey. During a game of ha'penny, the king of Bardsey, sir Gerald Winterwater, is disturbed by Baron Michel du Lustie. He comes to claim princess Geida l'Eau-d'Hiver's hand. The king, being not too fond of the intrusion at a particularly important moment in his game, denies this request. Upon that, Baron du Lustie kidnaps princess Geida (after she knocked down some of his knights) and demands ?50 ransom.

The king sends a letter to Sir Roamalot of Romford to go on a quest to save the princess, but he's off on a crusade to get a tan, and passes the quest on to his old buddy, Lord Avalot d'Argent. That's where the player steps in. You take control of Denarius Avaricius Sextus' great-great-great-[...]-grandchild, Lord Avalot, in a journey that takes you all across England, from Caerdydd to Norwic, meating people like Doctor Duck and Robin Hood along your way.

The graphics of Lord Avalot have increased significantly to those of Avaricius. They're still 16-colour and quite crude, but far better than the ones of its predecessor. The crudeness and low amount of colours might be a bit outdated for its time, but it's a deliberate choice by the makers to keep the feel of the old adventure games.

The interface of the game has changed significantly as well. While the previous one didn't have much of a GUI, this one has an entire status-bar at the bottom, including a clock, and a menu at the top. It provides you with everything you need.

Another new feature is the overhead map. If you want to travel from one place to another in England, you can walk around on a map of England, until you're at the place you want to arrive, then enter it.

For all those who loved Avaricius and want to continue the adventures of the Avvy generations, and for all lovers of funny and challenging adventure games, Lord Avalot is a must-have.

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